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Legal tip 1137. Martinez Echevarria is nicely bringing information
28 April 2014 @ 12:35

They are ( finally!) nicely and positively  bringing to us the info that should have had in our clients´ hands many years ago.

Some important certificates by Banks on developers accounts where off plan deposits were made are still to be received. We have suggested to them to try to obtain the information within one month. I am sure they will do it.

Thanks Martinez Echevarria, 


Costa Luz Left

Iznájar, Córdoba, at

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ads said:
07 May 2014 @ 10:24

Have M/E provided reassurance that they will prioritorise cases and provide ALL essential Banking evidence in good time for imminent preliminary hearing against a Bank, Maria?
The thought of them further compromising what is already an unacceptable period of delay and then place the client at further risk by witholding evidence for what ever reason, with consequences that subsequently leads to further delays to achieve justice and return of deposited monies just doesn't bear thinking about.

mariadecastro said:
07 May 2014 @ 10:27

I trust they are.

They know that if they do not, we lamentably ask them for liabilities in Courts.

I am sure they are providing them very soon. It is true this takes a bit in Banks sometimes.



mariadecastro said:
07 May 2014 @ 10:31


I have just requested them to provide what is left before the end of May. I am sure they will kindly proceed accordingly.



ads said:
07 May 2014 @ 10:58

Thank you Maria. Lets hope they are honourable in this regard.

ads said:
24 May 2014 @ 17:22

With just one week to go before the end of the month, Maria, have M/E yet provided you with essential evidence for imminent preliminary hearing against the Bank?

ads said:
28 May 2014 @ 15:29

Do the documents/certificates that you are receiving show exactly where offplan monies were subsequently sent, i.e. not only the Bank that received the monies but also importantly do they identify who were the account holders who were actual recipients of these forwarded monies? (i.e. as proof that these monies were forwarded to a developer account)?
If this information/evidence is not sufficiently detailed in this regard, then could this compromise the client's action against the Bank?

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