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Legal tip 1132. Flights and claims in Spain
16 April 2014 @ 15:05

Easter time: travelling time.

Some tips on different types of travelling related claims: 

- Delay :       

(1)Right to information from the first moment

(2)Right to be assisted from 2 hours late

(3) Financial compensation if the flight is delayed more than 3 hours. Compensation                       amounts: EUR 250 for short-haul flights ; 400 euros for medium ;and 600                             euros for all long-haul flights.

- Cancellation:   

(1)Compensation : Between 250 and 600 euros depending on the distance. 

(2) Right to choose between:

a. Reimbursement within seven days of the full cost of the ticket and a return flight to the first point as quickly as possible, or                                

b. Routing to the final destination by similar mean of  transport

(3)Meals and refreshments are also to be provided depending on  necessary                                expecting time.

 (4) Hotel accommodation if the stay for one or several nights is necessary

 (5) Transportation to hotel.

- Overbooking : Between 250 and 600 euros depending on the distance of the flight. Plus                                 alternative transport or return ticket.

- Loss or damage to baggage. 1,300 € are claimable  for damage, delays or incidents with luggage , but it is necessary to process the Property Irregularity Report (PIR ) at the counter of the airline, or AENA. This step is very important as, otherwise, it is presumed that the baggage has been delivered correctly and in good condition and claim will not be possible.  The deadline to process the P.I.R. is 7 days in case of damage and 21 days in case of delay of disappearance. But it should be done after landing and before leaving the airport.

As an addittional tip in regards to baggabe: If expensive items are within your lugagge, you shopuld make a declaration of this, so you can apply for the corresponding compensation is it suffered an accident.Otherwise , it is very difficult to prove what it has been missed or damaged. 

Claim Deadline : Up to two years .

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