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Legal tip 1127. NEW! Supreme Court and publicity on completion dates
24 March 2014 @ 16:25

Room number 1 of the Supreme Court, dated 18th of February 2014

Legal Foundation Number 2

" .... taking into account the legal and judicial doctrine about publicity being part of the contract. This is expressed in Court Decissions of 29th of September 2004, 15th of March 2010 and 28th of February 2013"

" This Courtroom has reiteratedly stated on effects of publicity for the determination of contract object, Court decission dated 7th of November 1984 says as follows: " publicity on an object, specially if it is still non existent, is an essential part of the contract. This is what doctrine has proclaimed in provision 8 of Consumer Act 26/84"

" Supreme Court decission dated 3rd of July 1993 declares " developer has an exclusive obligation about finishing the work according to building specifications which has been publicly offered to future buyers, according to provisions 1096, 1256 and 1258 of the Civil Code and Provision 8 of 1984 Consumers Act.

Great Court Decission. Frameable!

Costa Luz Left

Somanieza, Cantabria, North of Spain, at




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