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Legal tip 1123. NEW! Galicia Court declares nullity of contract due to undetermined completion date
13 March 2014 @ 20:25

I wish other Appeal Courts-- Murcia for instance-- were same Consumer oriented on this important matter.

Recently, on the 21st of February, Vigo Appeal Court has declared that lack of specification of delivery date brings nullity to an off plan contract. So well founded and argumented!

The Vigo Court Decision is also interesting as it denounces how Supreme Court just applies Civil Code ( with no application of Consumers Law) in a related case.

Congratulations Vigo! I am sure Europe likes this Court Decission

Costa Luz Left

Castro Caldelas, Orense, Galice, North western Spain, by J.A. Alcaide, at


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ads said:
13 March 2014 @ 22:18

Thank you Maria.
What does "lack of determination" mean?
Does it mean an end date is not specified in the contract, or does it mean that the completion date as specified in the contract has not been adhered to? Or perhaps something else!
I'd be grateful for clarification please.
Also, if this appeal court has denounced previous Supreme Court's interpretation in this regard, does this imply that previous SC rulings could be contested as they are not sufficiently consumer orientated as per European directives?

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