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Legal tip 1062. Two videos we watched with our team coach
05 November 2013 @ 18:03

We are dreaming of a little enterpreneurs atelier in the area... who is joining us?

Legal advice

Foto: Buenos dias Tarifa ... Tarifa, Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, South western Spain, at

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ads said:
06 November 2013 @ 13:09

Fascinating Maria. Thank you!

In this process of entrepreneur expansion I hope and trust you will not abandon the dream to achieve justice for all your remaining clients. Those clients who stood outside the box with self belief and a dream from the outset, only to be faced with ongoing challenges outside their control that can only be described as "extraordinary".

The challenge and dream for reform that you have demonstrated to date is only part way through, so it might help to reassure those still in this ongoing legal process that new dreams will not be at the expense of old dreams..... that the desire to achieve "justice" will not be diminished. That when the going gets tough you don’t lose that self belief to influence, to educate those within the Spanish legal fraternity and judicial system of some harsh realities that are in desperate need of reform.

It's all part of the learning zone, the desire to broaden horizons, to strive and influence change for the better, to persuade through good example that justice is worth fighting for, that corrupt practice and mal-intent does not pay. To demonstrate that fair consumer protection is a bedrock for civilised society.

Do you still perceive this as part of your dream?

mariadecastro said:
06 November 2013 @ 14:21

Of course Anne.
Our battle for justice in off plan developments is and will be ongoing for many years ahead

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