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Legal tip 1059. A CostaLuz Lawyers angry client
30 October 2013 @ 11:18

We do not like deleting negative comments, but to answer them open and publicly in the right place.

A frustrated client wrote in one of our blogposts today: ( yeap! we deal with many frustrated people every day, possibly we have not been who created  their misery as we explain below, but we of course  try hard  to care and help and support, within our limits)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
30 October 2013 @ 03:53

I have been dealing with Costa Luz lawyers since I was robbed of £75000 in 2007...I paid all my fees before my case was taken to court and then 4 years later I receive a mail asking for a further payment for the procurator to act on my behalf in what I presumed to be my new case against the bank since my case against the developer has fallen flat
They now tell me this was payment for my original case which is ridiculous since I paid those fees back in 2008 before my case was taken to court.
I have been left feeling very angry and feel the whole of the Spanish community are con artists.
My advice to anyone with my difficulty is to find yourself an English law firm who are familiar with Spanish law or you'll end up paying!!!!!!!!!!! 



mariadecastro said:
30 October 2013 @ 10:06

Dear xxxxxxxxx:

We won your case against the developer in 2010. Lack of solvency of developer made impossible the enforecement of the favourable Court Decission. Since then, we have been working hard on trying to find a solution for clients like you, who were not provided with the legally required Bank Guarantees. The solution is now quite consolidated in Courts and that´s why it is now the right time to try to bring those liabilities against the Bank.

I hope you now can agree with your government that we are doing a very good job ( they congratulated Keith Rule when we won his case) and that, with the understandable mistakes of every human team of professionals, we are devoted and honest professionals, hard working, deep studying, trying to bring all possible transparecncy and good results within the limits we unavoidably find,...... very far from being " con artists".

I understand your frustration and I do not want to take offence from your words but just kindly advise you to direct it to right people: developers? former lawyers? Bank?

If you need further explanation, please email me.
Most kind regards,
Legal advice                               
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