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Legal tip 1041. NEW! 7 Case law against Banks in off plan cases
04 October 2013 @ 15:28

Seven, new Case Law where Judges are stablishing liabilities of Banks which received amounts on developers accounts and did not do a proper job for protection of those deposits:
Our list has now 40 different Case Law from many different Appeal Courts in Spain.
1 Roj: SAP A 2187/2012
Id Cendoj: 03014370082012100319
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Alicante/Alacant

2. Roj: SAP MA 2158/2012
Id Cendoj: 29067370052012100470
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Málaga, 3 de Diciembre de 2012

3.Roj: SAP A 5205/2012
Id Cendoj: 03014370062012100575
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Alicante/Alacant, 7 de Diciembre de 2012

4.Roj: SAP SE 128/2013
Id Cendoj: 41091370082013100042
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Sevilla, 4 de Febrero de 2013

5.Roj: SAP NA 308/2013
Id Cendoj: 31201370012013100124
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Pamplona/Iruña, 15 de Febrero de 2013

6.Roj: SAP MA 2400/2012
Id Cendoj: 29067370042012100491
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Málaga, 29 de Octubre de 2012

7.Roj: SAP MA 1281/2013
Id Cendoj: 29067370042013100303
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Málaga, 11 de Junio de 2013

5.Roj: SAP MU 1801/2013
Id Cendoj: 30030370042013100444
Órgano: Audiencia Provincial
Sede: Murcia, 11 de Julio de 2013

Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz, South western Spain, at

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SandraD70 said:
18 October 2013 @ 21:30

Hi Maria
My friend who is herrada del tollo creditor won everything at his case at first instance but the appeal court ruled no legal fees and much reduced interest
Why is there no reporting on this ? Bad bad appeal court after 6 years

mariadecastro said:
19 October 2013 @ 14:04

Dear Sandra:

Was it a case against a Bank?



SandraD70 said:
19 October 2013 @ 14:29

Yes it was a bank guarantee lawsuit Alicante first instance
The appeal judgement was released this week


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