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Legal tip 993. Investing in Spain
26 July 2013 @ 14:36

Today´s conversation with a client:

1. Client to us:

Hi Maria


Good to see you have had success with Finca Parcs. I think you will be busy with cases like this for several more years yet!

Best regards


2.- Us to client:

Dear Sean:

Thanks for your email.


Yes, we are receiving massive number of clients requesting our assistance for similar cases. Keith Rule is now a member of the team and that is being a tremendous help. He is so efficient and knows the matter so well.

You know what? I know that we will be involved for years in this type of cases but…. I would cetainly like not to be. Why? Because my real desire from the beginning has been to have people coming and settling in Spain. For the good of the economy. We need many foreign investors and foreign buyers returning. That´s why I have Keith Rule now in charge of all the Actions against Bank cases as I will be developing a new venture for attracting foreign people and money. I will tell you more on this soon!

Kindest regards,

Maria L. de Castro

Casa en Calle Plegadero alto esquina con Placeta Cristo de los Favores, Granada, Southeastern Spain, by Landahlauts, at



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Anne said:
26 July 2013 @ 17:02

Dear Maria/Keith
The concern remains however that the courts will become even more "clogged" with legal cases if there is no attention paid to fast track mechanisms to make the Banks accountable.
As Keith has indentified in his BG petition, these cases probably require specialised courts and an official ombudsman to ensure that not only a consistent and effective route to justice prevails, but that justice is administered within a reasonable timeframe, with effective time constraints in place to protect the innocent consumer (sadly lacking at present).
As we speak, some areas of Spain are suffering a massive backlog of court cases and appeals are submitted as standard practice.
How on earth is the legal system going to cope without addressing this uncomfortable reality?

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