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Legal tip 979. Spain: hospitality. A 2008 post
21 June 2013 @ 10:45



01 June 2008 @ 22:05 

An article of  today´s El Pais, within the Business and Economy Section states that Spain is still a "short branded country", ( this is a terrible free translation of mine) , what they mean is that the brand "Spain" is not powerful enough  within the international market.  The brand Spain has not a strong identifying character within the world business field.

" Germany: efficiency,  France: quality, Italy: luxury, United States: innovation, Japan: advanced technology" All these countries have a brand which help their enterprises to  guaranteedly  cross borders . On the other hand, when the Spanish enterprises decide to cross the Pirenees cannot trust  that their origin will help them too much." 

It made me think...., even though, I am not used to think too much within the coordinates of  just "high productivity", "business success" and "competitivity" as isolated categories. I rather think that when a product is genuine  and authentic , when it has a  strong and different personality, when it makes real good to people and their lifes, it has an implicit potential for success.  Spain should be strong then. We may have not been too much interested on selling ourselves. We prefer enjoy, celebrate and have people sharing it with us.....

Anyhow: Spain: hospitality. Spain: poeple-oriented, Spain: joy of sharing.... 



By Maria L. de Castro

"Plaza de España", Grazalema, Cádiz, south of Spain

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Anne said:
28 June 2013 @ 11:07

"Hospitality, people orientated, sharing" are wonderful qualities to be recognised, but the Government does a grave disservice to its people when the basic fabric of civilised behaviour is allowed to be overidden by corrupt practice, lack of transparency, and unaccountability within its midst. An effective and fair system of justice lies at the very heart of this problem.
Some home truths have to be recognised here by the Spanish Government and I fear that only when when Spain "makes real good to people and their lives" will there be any potential for success and greater trust in brand Spain.

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