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Community pools vs. Private pools and the cons and pros of each
31 July 2020 @ 22:50

With the summer heat, nothing better than a good refreshing dip to cope with high temperatures that seem to be just rising further every year - is this where we blame climate change? Perhaps not, but undoubtedly the summers are getting hotter and there's less and less rain that would ease the heat through the high-season.

There are those who go to the beach in Spain and there are those who prefer the pool. When a group of property owners has a community pool, it must be taken into account that there are many factors that can influence a smooth running of a communal pool. The way they are managed used by the neighbors make the difference between a pleasant place for everyone or only for a few. 

With the recent COVID lockdowns it seems like the use of community pools became more difficult and rules strict that may make them more difficult to enjoy. Some urbanizations didn't even open their shared pool areas for this summer season or have time and capacity restrictions. Private pools became more relevant and in-demand for many this year and a lot of people consider moving to a home which is equipped with one. 

Here in this post we would like to contemplate what are the best things about communal and private pools and will mention some of the drawbacks too.

Community pools: advantages and disadvantages and relevant regulations

One of the most demanded and desired elements when looking for a home is the pool, which is not surprising, since it is one of the most popular facilities during the hot months. If it is an individual house or a chalet, this will not entail major problems, beyond the expenses or the reforms that we want to do in it.

However, if we decide on a semi-detached house or a block with a community pool, we must consider a series of elements, such as the extra cost (the community fee can grow exponentially) and the coexistence problems that it can entail. Here are some aspects to consider before deciding on a home with a community pool:

Regulations and Lifeguard: Each Autonomous Community has its own regulations regarding private community pools. In addition, we should add what the municipal ordinances of our city establish on this subject. Thus, depending on the number of houses, the size of the pool and its depth, in some autonomous communities it is mandatory to hire a lifeguard, something that can significantly increase the cost of the community f ee.

Liability insurance: Although it is not always compulsory, it is advisable to take out a civil liability insurance that covers damages and possible accidents in the pool and its enclosure.

Internal use regulations: In addition, the community must write internal regulations that must be posted in a visible place in the pool area. This document should include aspects such as opening and closing hours, authorized clothing, prohibited activities (such as jumping into the water or not showering before entering the pool) and the maximum capacity allowed.

Maintenance and safety: This is another of the points that can make the community fee more expensive, since our pool must be reviewed and adjusted every year before it opens, to which we must add any possible damage and breakdowns to be repaired during the season of summer. The regulations of the Community of Madrid, for example, establish that a technically trained person is responsible for the correct operation of the installation, that there is an Official Registry Book, available to users, where data such as the PH, the disinfectant used, the reading of the purified water meter, etc. In addition, according to the same regulations, the water in the glasses must be purged daily and continuously at least during opening hours, with the appropriate procedures, having the suction system points at the bottom,

Off-season maintenance: Although the pool is not working, we cannot avoid its maintenance. On this matter, the regulations of the Community of Madrid establish that, when the pool is not in operation, the glass must be covered or fenced to prevent it from being damaged and that someone may fall into it. In addition, it is mandatory to empty the glasses completely at least once in the season.

private pools in Spain cons and pros vs communal pools

Private Pool: The Pros and Cons

When the heat begins every year, it comes to our mind how happy we would be if we could enjoy a long vacation on the beach, especially by having the sea at hand where we can cool off after lying in the sun.

Can you imagine how good it would be to have that way to cool off from the heat throughout the summer?

It is for this reason, and because of the heat that every summer seems to be more intense, which is why many consider the possibility of building their own pool at home .

Although at first glance it will seem an excessive expense, if you can afford it, we assure you that in the long run you will pay it off.

Advantages of having a pool at home...

Available throughout the summer: You don't have to be on vacation at work to enjoy a dip. Returning from work in the afternoon and being able to overcome the heat and tiredness by relaxing in your own pool is priceless.

No sticking to schedules: You can enjoy your pool and surroundings 24 hours a day, when you return from work, weekends, even at night: nothing more relaxing and refreshing than dining by the pool, with the relaxation that the reflections of the lights provide in water. And all from the privacy of your home, in a totally private environment and to your liking.

Goodbye to crowds: You can enjoy the pool exclusively with your family or friends. Forget about people running or screaming around you disturbing your rest.

Children fun: Children are the ones who most enjoy a pool at home, yes, it is very important to be aware that we should never leave them alone and without the supervision of an adult to avoid accidents.

Social life at home: Having a private pool at home is an ideal solution to celebrate family and friends gatherings. A barbecue by the pool is a perfect pretext to meet and spend pleasant moments during the summer.

You exercise while you enjoy: Swimming is one of the sports in which the most muscles are exercised, so in summer, it is the best exercise, since you stay in shape while you cool off.

Revalue your home: Having a pool is a great advantage when selling a home, the value increases by having that plus that is sometimes considered an extra luxury.

Disadvantages of having your own pool at home

Yes, having a pool at home also has some disadvantages, the first is the initial investment that must be made to build it, we must be aware that it is an important expense that we must be sure of being able to face.

A pool requires periodic maintenance, both to maintain water quality and to avoid structural damage if we want to keep it in good condition.

That said, you have the foundation to jump into the satisfying experience of having a pool at home.

Having a pool is not just thinking about having it and it will magically appear in your garden overnight. If you decide to have a pool at home, you should first analyze whether they have the optimal space to install one.

  • Costs: There's the obvious one-off large investment of the installation but it's also worth considering what the ongoing maintenance entails. Different elements and chemicals are needed and although they will only be used in the summer, maintenance should also be done in the winter.
  • Maintenance: Pools require certain care (not only those made of material, in some cases also canvas) such as the use of a filter, pH control. of the water that must be balanced and cleaning the walls and surroundings of the pool. Furthermore, the water requires a chlorine treatment and must be clean. For this, covers are used for sinks, the sheets are removed with a net, a decanter is placed and the bottom sweeper is passed.
  • Security concerns: Another aspect to contemplate is that of security. If you have young children, it is a priority to take the necessary safety measures (such as fences around the pool) before deciding to have a pool and be 100% vigilant. You also have to be careful if you have pets at home.

If we were to come to a conclusion, the balance leans positively toward having a pool. If they take the necessary security measures and are willing to face the monetary costs; These disadvantages will not be a problem and will not overshadow the enjoyment of having your own pool to share (or not).

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