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rental agreements

We have just got the keys for our apartment in Corvera and have our first booking. I am now on a steep learning curve! I need to learn about rental agreements Any advice welcome. Thanks

rental agreements
30 September 2009 @ 15:47

I have just got the keys to my new property in Corvera and have my first booking so I am on a steep learning curve!

Any advice on rental agreements would be welcome.


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Maria said:
30 September 2009 @ 14:16

I highly advise you to submitt the rental agreement to arbitration rather than courts and to hire an insurance for unpaid rents. That will avoid lots of nightmares to you.

You can find some useful information here:

Gary said:
30 September 2009 @ 14:47

Hi Janice,

I too have the same concern and would welcome a sample agreement. I have have just completed on my Tilo apartment. After months of concern, ref Euro, the complex being ready and our apartment and so on.

When we arrived for our inspection and completion we where completley surprised by the complex (after reading the bloggs). The apartment/complex/driving range/swimming pool/childrens play area are built to a very high standard, with thousands of trees, shrubs and plants alround our appartment and the complex. I can only assume the rest will be to the same high standard. The Club house looked like the ground works had been completed and they had just received delivery for construction. The complex is short of a supermarket and bars/Rests but I understand that the club house will be ready Feb,March and the rest Oct next year.

Oh, and the course looks great, cannot wait till this opens.

Do not judge this complex from the bloggs or photos my advice is to go and see for yourself. We also met with other couples who had just completed and they had the same initail concerns, but where now really pleased with there purchase and looking forward to use the complex.

We have so far had quite a few bookings for rentals form friends and family and would not hesitate rec any to go, has there are plenty of restaurants/Bars in the typical spanish village of Corvera.

I would be interested Janice to hear your thoughts on the complex. If any of you fellow new owners or soon to be new owners would like to ask me any questions I would be happy to give my comment.

We also went to Roda which looked very impressive.

Hondon Valley Man said:
20 October 2009 @ 16:41

It would be worth approaching a proper solicitor in your area to draw up a legal 'template' for rentals where by you can then add the appropriate names / addresses / fees / etc each time you rent out, especially for long-term rentals.

Or if you have no scruples - get a local agent to do a few rentals first with their contract and then copy up your own !! (I'm not condoning this however). I'm sure the local solicitor wouldn;t charge much for such a service anyway.

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