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Start of a New Adventure in Spain

This is a story about first buying a property off plan. That had issues. Then found an old cortijo that we would renovate and hopefully turn into a Bed & Breakfast

Story Continues
10 July 2008 @ 22:13

Following on from the last time,

I did a lot of searching information out via the estate agent out in Spain and loads researching on the net. Once I was sure I could do no more, and had all the information I needed , the next step was to plan a visit out to see the property and area. Then we could make our final decision, to buy it or not?
We went out in early June 2007 on a 2 day trip. We arrived at Almeria airport at 21.00 first day, and was taken to the hotel for the night.
The following day we made an early start to first visit the Cortijo to have a look around inside and out, and also visit the local town, to find out what was around.
We fell in love with the place and the stunning views from the property, it was sound and the currant owner had already started to do some work on the building, we could see the potential that this building and surrounding area had.
we made an offer, and waited for answer, this went on for a while, as the first offer had been rejected, so we put in another, until we finally came up with an agreed price.
We went and signed some documents agreeing on the sale, and put deposit down once we had seen all the paper work.
Then we made phone call to our solicitor to start the ball rolling to get our deposit and other monies paid for the other property, this was followed up by letter so that the the solicitor had it in writing.
We caught the 22.00 flight back to the uk that night.
The next coming months we was in contact with our solicitor on the return off all money paid to the builder, we also started the plans for the Cortijo, as the plans that was drawn up by the vendor of the property was not how we would like the property to be renovated, also to get these passed and obtain a building licence, before we bought it, to make sure what we wanted to achieve was posssible.

to be continued

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