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On Thursday each week my column appears in the Euro Weekly News. My opinion is just that, an opinion. Feel free to put your oar in but in a constructive way if you please. Thanks so much. - Michael

Not Looking Forward to Christmas
31 August 2013 @ 17:21


Michael Walsh



On the face of it, the idyllic Andalucía hills forming a backdrop to Estapona are an unlikely lair for a whistleblower whose revelations could threaten a country’s senate and expose the European Union to charges of cover-up and fraud.

When Latvian anti-corruption dissident John Christmas rumbled Latvian state deceitfulness, his primary need was to produce and film the evidence in a secluded and tranquil area. Magic Sound Recording Studios, a company that has world-class artistes on its client base, was happy to oblige. The dissident, dubbed the Julian Assange of suspect politicians and Russian oligarchs, used the hidden studio to provide the camera work and sound track for his explosive video.

Understandably, banks, Russian oligarchs and complicit politicians are not looking forward to Christmas. The dissenter was the whistleblower from Parex Bank of Latvia. The nationalisation of this bank brought about the Latvian financial crisis on November 8, 2008. Consequently, the European Union (EU) was obliged to bail out Latvia, a country as big as the Republic of Ireland.

The political exile slipped into the studios on July 22. His purpose was to produce a Youtube video, Latvia EBRD Fraud 2013. It was an instant hit it received thousands of hits within days of its release on August 23. The aim is to reach 100,000 viewers and generate enough people power to expose corruption in high circles.

The revelatory video is a public humiliation for moneychangers who thought they had stage-managed what is possibly the biggest heist of public money in the history of Baltic States. Magic Sound Recording Studios is visible at the beginning of the video.


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