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On Thursday each week my column appears in the Euro Weekly News. My opinion is just that, an opinion. Feel free to put your oar in but in a constructive way if you please. Thanks so much. - Michael

21 June 2013 @ 20:31





Rogue tenants? What about rogue owners, a breed we hear little about. I have experienced at first hand owner scams and can vouch for many others. The drug addict owner who became hysterical if the rent was a day or so late. This occasionally occurred at weekends during bank transfer.


Another owner was so friendly that when she invited her departing tenant to sign the deposit refund receipt on the promise of a bank transfer the trusting tenant did so. After two months waiting she questioned why it had not been transferred. The flat’s owner told her she had done so - and had the signed receipt to prove it.


Another owner agreed that utilities were to be included in a single person’s rent. When she discovered that the tenant’s girlfriend had holidayed with him for two months of the year’s occupancy she demanded payment of the utilities for the entire period. The owner of a furnished property expected her tenant to buy and update white goods.


Owners and their agents are notorious for keeping deposits. They know the cost of legal action is higher than the forfeited deposit. Tenants pay the rent but do not expect a receipt unless as in the previous case a bogus one.


Whilst screwing the taxman owners figure out how to screw their tenants too. They expect references but refuse to show references from previous tenants.


Tenants maintain the property, often improve it and always secure it for which they get no credit. Oh yes, tenancy contracts. These are heavily loaded in the owner or agent’s favour. They are unfairly worded and in fact when signing such a contract a hapless tenant signs away his or her rights.


Do as the hotels do. Provide long or medium term accommodation based on service and integrity. By doing so property owners will benefit from winter lets that could end up as long term lets or even a sale. ©

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