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Almost thirty years of wandering in Andalucía, from isolated mountain villages to dynamic vibrant cities, have left a few tales to tell, so here I shall share with the interested

El Caganer - The Nativity Pooper
09 December 2014 @ 14:53

El Caganer

People are often surprised and shocked to find the figure of a man, with his trousers dropped defecating, included in the Christmas Nativity scenes across Spain. It would seem incongruous with the holy nature of the Christian message. The Spaniards however are amazed at the fuss that this little chap can create.

A Typical Cagener

A Typical Cagener
A Typical Cagener
Source: HispanicLondon
Source: dutchdepression
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The Origin

The exact origin of the caricature has been lost in the mists of time but is widely belived to be dated back to the late 17th century, and most definitely originates from Cataluña as belied by its traditional Catalan costume.

The Traditions

The interpretations of the tradition vary. Some suggest it is a reference to the humanity of the birth, whilst others imply a fertility symbol and still others view it as a lucky omen. But it might just be a humorous whimsical folly of childish fun, it certainly appeals to the adolescent comic in us.

Source: AwsomeOff

Giant Caganer

Last year a giant nineteen foot Caganer was errected in a Barcelona shopping center that created quite a stir

Source: Maria Agrell
Source: Desperta ferro

But where would you draw the line?

In recent years the Caganers have been on offer that represent various personalities, politicians and just about anybody in public life, you can purchase the whole Real Madrid football team lined up pooping in unison! Others include Barrack Obama, Santa Claus and even our Queen.

Where would you draw the line? The Bishops here in Spain believe that line has been crossed when the Vigen de Monserat and the Pope were offered on a website and this might even reach the tribunals.

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DAVE W said:
14 December 2014 @ 17:38

Interesting, Salvador Dali was fascinated by the caganer and sometimes included something similar in his paintings.

Just to nitpick, you say "as belied by" which means "as disproved by", I presume you mean to say "as proved by"....

Enna said:
15 December 2014 @ 11:19

Lovely nativity in Xativa nearly missed the Caganer - lovely town too, small but excellent market on Friday mornings

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