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Odds and ends

It will probably be about the things that interest me and hopefully others. Like music, art, travel, holidays etcetera.

Lost the plot
19 October 2013 @ 08:49

I do not live in Spain and so I feel my blog is a sort of pork chop in a synagogue, I try to be careful not to write about things on Spain and stick to generalities like my heading states, "Odds and ends" but the article on the Tax implications for expats living in Spain was interesting in that it uncovers a major problem in all our lives. The problem is that Goverments are constantly looking for ways to extract as much of our hard earned cash as possible. It's a universal problem. We all need a Robin Hood to stop this rot from destroying all initiative to create finacial security by the people who work hard and save. It is killing the capitalistic system, which has its flaws I know, but what's the alternative?

To add insult to injury there are always draconian penalties for not obeying the newly created tax rules. They use fear with a capital F to enforce their constantly moving of the goal posts. Strangely I remember a quote by Nikita Krushev, he said, "When you skin the people, leave at least some skin to regrow" or words to that effect. Coming from a Communist leader I thought at the time that it was a surprising comment. Seems he understood the problem and had better insight as to the solution than our present leaders who have obviously lost the plot.



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