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Does anyone else detest Telefonica
23 October 2008 @ 13:02

Last year I wanted to end an account with Telefonica and it took me months and they charged me more money and I had to get intervention help from the local consumer centre.
I said I would do all I could to avoid Telefonica following that, including looking a WiMax as a possible solution to get rid of Telefonica completely. The local WiMax company turned out to be a bunch of lying toads that couldn't trusted so I steered clear of that option. The said one speed on the brochure then told me a different speed when I talked with them and fianlly we measured the speed on an existing installation in a neighbours house which was slower than the other quoted speeds. This WiMax people even quoted two or three different prices to confuse us more.

I digressed there but after all of the hating of Telefonica, I want an iphone and the only way to do that without jailbreaking the iphone is to go with Telefonica Movistar.
I was looking for one in July when they were supposed to be available in the local shop with no luck, and to date the still have not seen one in stock there.

I tried Girona the nearest city last week and they had had them but were out of stock and then this week I was passing the shop I called in and they said they had some. Woo hoooo. So I waited in a queue for 20 minutes then spent another 20 minutes while the young girl struggled with the computer to get it started. No luck and she asked me to come back after the 3 hour lunch time.

I went back at 5pm and spent an hour in there. My phone number went Ok and then when she tried to move my wife's number on the new account too, the problems started again. In the end we couldn't complete the paperwork and I still will have to wait another four days to get my hands on the new toy. I would have to wait for Vodafone to pass the number across anyway. If we had known that their computer was not going to play ball then I wouldn't have needed to stay waiting in the shop for so long.

I did see that there were other customers still being dealt with that entered the shop at the same time as we went in. I have to wonder how they can do business when they need to spend so long with each customer with all of the Spanish Red Tape.

That was supposed to be a quick posting but ended up a bit of a rant....

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Simon said:
23 October 2008 @ 13:15

Telefonica are just an absolute nightmare. If only there was someone else decent enough to use out there, but there just doesn't seem to be. I did look around but had loads of problems with other suppliers. It seems Telefonica will have the monopoly for some time yet.

Jan said:
23 October 2008 @ 18:25

Telefonica sucks

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