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A round-up and review of Books on Spain. Some old some new, fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes brief, sometimes in depth but never negative. If I don’t like it, I won’t review it!

Tails Of The Alpujarras
03 July 2015 @ 11:48

Tails Of The Alpujarras

This book saves lives. Tails of the Alpujarras is an anthology of animal related stories featuring some of the most well known and popular authors such as Chris Stewart, Victoria Twead, Valerie Collins, Ann Patras, Sandra Piddock, Jeff Jones and many more.

The Alpujarra region of Southern Spain has been badly hit by the Euro crisis and unemployment of over 40% has meant some real hardship. A sad consequence of this is the huge amount of household pets, especially dogs, being abandoned as their owners either move to seek work, cheaper housing or just find they can no longer support that extra mouth. These poor bewildered animals are being left to fend for themselves, a function for which they are simply not equipped. Many die on the streets or are gathered into pounds which because of the sheer quantity have often become nothing more than kill stations.

Valle Verde is an animal rescue centre in the Alpujarras and is bravely saving what animals they can. They rescue them, find foster homes, arrange neutering, chipping and vaccinations then try to find ‘Forever Homes’ for these once-loved pets.  Often they are sent far afield to Germany, Holland or the UK. But they are desperately short of funds and receive no government help.

Tails Of The Alpujarras is an anthology where a group of well respected writers, bloggers and broadcasters along with many other passionate individuals have joined forces to publish this book to be sold to raise funds. The publishers, Mirador Publishing, are kindly donating all the profits, the authors gave their work for free and even the cover was created especially by well known artist Alison Charlotte Moore.

Now, a disclosure of interest! I was partly instrumental in bringing this wonderful anthology to fruition and I am very proud to have a story included. The stories range from fantasy to fact, heartbreaking to heart warming or often just humorous anecdotes. I could write pages about the credits of these authors but I think the names speak for themselves. What I think is most remarkable about this book is that all these high profile individuals rallied to the call of these distressed animal and sacrificed time, effort and money to help.

So, please buy this book and help an animal find a home. Please buy a copy for a friend, blog about it, facebook or whatever else. Help make this book famous and make a real difference to these abandoned pets.

Tails of the Alpujarras is available as a paperback form Amazon or any bookshop and as ebook in most formats. All profits are going straight to the Valle Verde Rescue Centre.

More about the book here and links to buy


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