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A Rather Sad Record
27 December 2012 @ 14:46

In 2012, the crisis and unemployment have intensified sharply. More and more people are forced to turn to food banks to find a way to put food on their table. These entities have distributed this year a record 120 million kilos of food, according to estimates by its president, Antonio Busto Villa, 20% more than in 2011. And the figure is not yet closed for the year. So, food banks which are financed  through funds which the Ministry of Agriculture acquires from Europe and donations they receive from companies, have fed a record 1.5 million people in Spain this year, compared with 1 , 3 million in 2011. A rather sad record.

Over twice as many people  have gone to the 6000 organizations that collaborate with the 54 food banks around the country. These entities have registered record donations. Despite this, and that Spain, compared to others, is one of the countries which donates the most, the heads of these institutions are concerned about the future. In 2013 the European food program ends and the EU budget reserve which is dedicated to this cause. As of 2014, the outlook is uncertain as to how social funds will be shared, as the system will change and  there is still no agreement amongst the 27 countries to create a specific program to feed people at risk of poverty and exclusion.

Brussels has proposed to the Member States to create a plan that earmarked 2,500 million euros for seven years, to be divided among the 27. A clear reduction, but that is not even assured, some members are demanding that the budget should be cut to 1,500 million. Spain now receives 84 million per year, with the new figure they would only receive 24 million. If the cut materialises, in 2014 some 6,000,000 across Europe will be without food and and 1,000,000 of them will be in Spain.


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