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The Most Spectacular Footbridges over Rivers in Spain
Wednesday, July 13, 2022 @ 11:25 AM

Despite the fact that we have already left behind the traumatic covid-19 pandemic, most people still prefer to do outdoor activities when they have time to disconnect. Contact with nature and adventure continue to be one of the most sought-after and requested activities by lovers of outdoor sports.

For this reason, many people choose to look for alternatives to traditional country tourism by walking trails or staying in rural houses to spend a weekend of mental relaxation. The gorges or walkways over a river have become very fashionable in recent times and, each time, they have more followers. 


Footbridges of Montfalcó (Huesca)


The website has compiled a list of eight truly spectacular walkways throughout the entire Spanish geography. Despite the apparent danger of crossing a river by a wooden bridge, the truth is that these footbridges are perfectly suitable and signposted to enjoy the landscape without suffering any mishap.

Of course, if you are afraid of heights, you better not risk crossing any of them. Some of them are built on gorges that cause real vertigo, crossing two mountain slopes or are built at a height of more than 50 meters.


Footbridges of the river Mao (Orense)


One of the most attractive gorges is located in Montfalcó, a town in Huesca that just a few years ago was completely abandoned. The creation of this breathtaking walkway has revitalized rural tourism in the area and, now, many tourists come to see it. The walkway is 8 kilometres long and has an average drop of 33 metres. You have to be well prepared physically.

The footbridge of the Mao River in Orense is another place worth visiting. Its wide and comfortable boards make the route very comfortable to enjoy for a family, even with small children. In Granada, there is the footbridge that borders the Castril river. The setting is ideal to enjoy a fresh atmosphere and spectacular waterfalls and torrents of water.


Hoz Ravine (Teruel)


The Barranco de Hoz bridge in Teruel is a truly unique place. This route meets all the conditions to have a good time without making a great effort. It is barely 6 kilometres long and can be done in about three hours. The route runs through the Blanco River canyon in the Sierra de Albarracín. The Barranco de Hoz is one of the least known wonders in Spain.


The Saltillo (Malaga)


El Saltillo, in Malaga, is not recommended for all people. According to this publication, this route is only recommended for people who are used to doing sports trails. The place has different dangerous traps that can lead to serious falls. The bridge is comfortable, but to reach it, you must travel several kilometres over steep terrain.


Chulilla Gorge (Valencia)


In Valencia, lovers of hiking can find the route of the Pantaneros. It starts in the municipality of Chulilla and, through its walkway, you can go through impressive cliffs above the Turia River. The gorge has vertical walls with a drop of about 80 meters into the void. The experience is absolutely mind-blowing.


Caminito del Rey (Malaga)

Caminito del Rey is a 'little path' of roses for experts on this type of route. It is one of the busiest in all of Spain and, if you like solitude, we do not recommend that you do it. Alfonso XIII inaugurated it in 1905. It is a route that runs along an aerial walkway suspended and attached to the vertical walls of the Gaitanes Gorge above the Guadalhorce River.

The beautiful footbridges of Cerrada de Elías del Río Borosa close this review of the best riverside routes in all of Spain. This place offers you a longer route (21 kilometres) and another more manageable one that is barely seven kilometres long. It is located in the Sierra de Cazorla and is ideal for an excursion with the smallest of the house.



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