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This Village is an Architectural Treasure...
06 December 2019 @ 14:48


Located on the Bay of Biscay, among steep cliffs, Comillas is half fishing village, half architectural treasure. With a noble, stately air, it is one Cantabria’s most celebrated towns and one that attracts most visitors. Besides the unrivalled natural backdrop, the town boasts some of the masterpieces of Spanish modernism. And if that isn’t enough, the village has a charming fishermen’s quarter where you can savour the best freshly caught fish and of course the famous cocido montañés, a bean stew with cabbage, potatoes, and pork products. This tierruca, as Cantabrians lovingly call their land, charms us at every step.


Although significant, emblematic buildings from the 18th century are still preserved, such as the Plaza Vieja and the Iglesia Parroquial, monumental Comillas was born thanks to the efforts of Antonio López, the first Marquis of Comillas, who arrived here after coming back from America and founding major shipping and tobacco companies in Barcelona. It was he who was behind the major projects in the town. His personal effort to modernise Comillas succeeded in getting King Alfonso XII himself to spend his summers here, and the town can boast of being the cradle of inspiration for the best modernist masters, key players in its personal and beautiful aesthetic character. Most of these emblematic buildings were built in the late 19th and early 20th century, the era which witnessed the town’s greatest economic and social splendour. Without a doubt the best way to get to know the place is simply by walking around it and discovering the surprises that await at every charming turn. 


          Catholic University Comillas


           Palace Sobrellano

            Gaudi's Summer House


One of the most impressive and representative buildings in Comillas was built towards the end of the 19th century. Designed by Antonio Gaudí, it is a summer residence that resembles a doll's house, with its fantastical towers and characteristic tile work with textured sunflowers. This latest stroke of aesthetic genius took its inspiration from the groundbreaking sustainable heating system developed by Gaudí for the palace.


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