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Basura Bargains

This blog is about being resourceful and a good forager.

Basura Bargains
25 April 2010 @ 01:23

Now that the weather is becoming more acceptable to getting out and about, it gives me the chance to pursue my lucrative hobby of raiding the Basura's. I love poking around in other peoples trash, its amazing what gets thrown away and can guarantee to make a few sovs from the outcome of finding a bargain.They are an absolute treasure trove of goodies if you know what to look for! Of course you need to be a bit handy with a paint brush and a small tool kit to make things you have scrounged look like new, but with a touch of imagination, a smidgeon of patience and an understanding wife - you are definately onto a winner. Well, that's how it was with me until one day I came across a small  bird cage, the kind you have for a canary - I couldn't believe my luck! I rushed home and immediately set about giving it a good clean. A couple of Euro's for a can of gold paint and an insignificant repair to a hinge and it was as good as new. Time wise, I suppose it took me about 4 hours altogether. I had seen a similar cage advertised in the local pet shop for 35 Euro's so I knew I wouldn't have any trouble selling mine for say 20 Euro's. Altogether a nice little earner! I now had the task of finding a buyer for my work of art for which I calculated wouldn't take too long to get shut of at that sort of price. Would you credit it, I had that damned bird cage on my hands for 6 months without a single bit of interest and newspaper advertising costs money! My wife said, "Tommy, why don't you ask that nice looking young man at the end block if he wants to buy it,somebody told me the other day that he keeps birds?" "Yes" I said, "I'll go straightaway." "Hola" I ventured in my best Spanish as he opened the door. "Hi" he muttered," I'm British, what can I do for you?" "Well" I said, "I understand from my wife that you keep small birds and I wondered if you would be interested in buying this lovely cage?"  "You must be joking" he said, I threw that bugger away in the trash six months ago." Was my face red, my wife has strongly suggested I give up scrounging the bursura's it is too embarassing and the neighbors are saying derogatory things about me.... 






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