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A beautiful morning

Recollections of a three day golf vacation on the Costa Del Sol

The end to a perfect evening.
27 May 2009 @ 01:00


Sunset Beach hotel is located at the top of the Benalmadena coast just before the N340 merges with Torrequebrada. For us the location and accommodation was ideal. The one bedroom, two single bed apartment, used for sleeping and showering, didn’t warrant any further visits and with the twenty four hour square a short taxi ride away it was perfect. Virtually across the road was the Ha’penny Bridge Irish bar, that had an excellent bar menu, a pool table and attracted a variety of nationalities.
That second night was really our last opportunity to sample the nightlife of the coast as the following night was ‘prepare for home’ and a late night was not anticipated. And so it was after siesta and shower we found ourselves in the Ha’penny Bridge sipping (or more correctly downing) Barcardi and coke and playing a few games of ‘doubles’. We had got chatting to a couple from Newcastle and who like most northerners had a good sense of humor and a down to earth attitude that made the two hours pass pleasantly. Two years ago on a previous trip to a rented detached villa (could slept 16 in total but was dividisable into two semi’s to accommodate smaller groups) our party had trouble finding its location and on arrival we had to wait outside in the baking sun until it was cleaned. Eventually on entering I could see the pool and it called out to me so in reply I recklessly stripped naked, pulled back the sliding door, ran across the grass and dove with a splash into its cool inviting waters. Imagine my embarrassment when surfacing to find two Yorkshire lasses sunbathing in the same garden. They had rented the other have of the villa! Suffice to say that my ‘friends’, highly amused at my predicament, refused me a towel and with a bemused look the women watched as I climbed out and retreated red faced, to the safety of the villas interior.
The Taxi brought us to Da Fano’s restaurant in the main square and with a hunger we sat down to a most enjoyable meal. A pizza starter between four was followed in my case by meatballs in a tomato sauce. Once again bottled beer and red wine was the order of the day and the finale a large brandy.
Personally one of the most seductive and sensual things a man can experience is to hold a woman tight while dancing. I think its the softness of her hair on the face, the closeness of our bodies offering the imagination the possibility of things to come and then there’s the ever so soft scent of perfume that when breathed deeply excites the senses.
For November the nightclub was busy. The scene was typical of all night clubs, some were dancing, others were loud and boisterous while others sat and chatted intimately in the quieter corners.
I watched the her as she got from her tall stool, her coloured Picasso type patterned dress (sorry for the inept description) set above the knee with a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination She kept on walking in our direction, squeezed between us and the table next and pulling up a vacant chair set down beside me.
She lent closer, ‘Your married’, she said pointing to my wedding ring.
‘Buy me a drink and dance with me’.
Now sometimes women do this, it happened on one particular occasion at a disco in Blackpool. However, now it just didn’t seem quite right but hell what did I care. Just one dance would round off the evening and that’s what I did. When the dance finished we both went to the bar I ordered and paid for a Baileys, let go of her hand, simply told her I had to go. She was surprised if not shocked but  I walked to the exit with a nod to my friends.
I found myself outside in the cold morning air heading up the incline ( Calle de Fragata, I think) to the taxi stand at its top and back to the hotel.
As I pushed the button in the lift I couldn’t help but smile to myself. It was the end to a perfect evening.

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Jacqui said:
27 May 2009 @ 13:44

You old romantic you - and good on you for being a gent!

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