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Veterinary Clinics

Finding a good and honest vet that you can trust but more importantly your pets like.

Finding the perfect Vet for your Pet
18 March 2009 @ 17:26

Like so many of us expats living here in Spain our Pets are part of our family.

Around last September one of our dogs got out and was hit by a car in Benijofar about 1/2 mile from where we live, but befour you say it, we are very responsible owners and take every precaution to prevent them escaping, but she was in season and think that she must of got out from under our fence. The first we knew of the accident is when the Veterinary Hospital Pet Care in Benijofar called to say the police had taken our dog into them after she had been hit by a car to check for a Micro chip, lucky enough we had this done otherwise we may never of found her. The Vets told us she was in a poor condition with a broken jaw, back leg and some internal bleeding and that they had already done x rays and was about to take her in to surgury, we was absolutly amazed that the hospital had already done all this befour contacting us but never the less very very happy. I left work straight away and collected my wife who was at a friends house then went straight to the hospital in Benijofar, we had to wait untill the surgury had finished which was almost 2 hours, the staff there was so nice they made us drinks and sat talking to us all the time explaining everything that was being done, it was like being in a regular hospital for people. When we did finally get to see her we just broke down and although we was told she would make it and be ok she just looked so sad laying there asleep. She stayed in there for the next 2 days and was told we could collect her in the following afternoon, which we did, at this time we was a little worried what the bill would be as we hadnt got any insurance "then" but the owner of pet care who is British told us not to worrie at the moment and wanted to see her the next day then 2 days later. We knew that in the UK this type of treatment would cost us a fortune, so we went to our bank to ask for an overdraft just in case we received a big shock, which we did the finel bill was just over 240euros we couldnt beleive how cheap the treatment was and for such a fantastic service, we now reccomend them to just about everyone we know . Well done and a great big thank you to Pet Care in Benijofar.

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foxbat said:
18 March 2009 @ 20:03

On the whole Spanish vets are terrific and a lot of this stems from the fact that pet insurance over here is virtually unheard of. As a consequence the bills are paid by the customer not an insurance company. In the UK Its like having a bump in your car; the first question asked by a repairer is "Is this an insurance job?"
We have two dogs we brought over from England but we also adopted a village stray during a thunderstorm, she was riddled with parasites, worms and was severely under-weight. Judging by her teats, she had recently had pups though we never found them...
We took her to our local Vet, who treated her for the parasites and worms and supplied us with special shampoos and cleansers. He made no charge. Later, we took her back to see him again because she kept coming into season; up to 5 times a year and each was followed by severe urinary tract infections; we had her spayed, microchipped and jabbed up to date including rabies shots; The bill? 150 euros... and this included annual jabs for the other two dogs as well!

roberto said:
18 March 2009 @ 21:36

Glad to hear there was a happy ending to the story, but have to ask the question, why on earth was your dog not spayed? You say you are responsible owners, and I don't doubt that you love her very much, but you admit that she probably "escaped" because she was in season. With so many strays and abandoned dogs (and cats) here, there really is absolutely no justification for not getting them done. Compared to the UK, it's not even expensive!

Denise said:
21 March 2009 @ 13:17

Hello Danny. We also use the Vets at Pet Care in Benijofar and like you said they are fantastic, our 4 year old cross (Trudy) loves going to the shop as she knows she always gets a treat from the girls there, i was glad to hear what you said about the Grooming as we are looking to use a different groomer, every time we collect her she seems very stressed so will give them a try, how ever i do agree with Roberto with regards to have your dog spade as he says it is very cheap compared to the UK we actually had both ours done at pet care they were absolutely fine no problems at all.
Good luck

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