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Tumbit : Jo Green - Having a Baby in Spain

Jo Green, 34, has been living & working in Spain with her long term partner for 5 years. As a "Professional Career Woman" in the UK she always believed that being a Mum was something that happened to other women. However, on moving to Spain she has found herself succesfully managing a career and being a full time Mum to an unplanned (but much loved) Baby Daughter. Things in life change, things don't go to plan... Jo tell's how it's those that can and are willing to adapt to change that generally succeed in making a life in Spain.

The 3 things I miss most when NOT in Spain
12 August 2010 @ 18:07

As much as there are many things that I love and Miss about the UK, whenever I return for a break to see my family and friends and do a bit of shopping, it doesn't take me long to start missing a few things about being back “Home” in Spain :

The Children - Difficult to explain – especially of you are not a parent! - I was back in the UK in August and every night all of the Toddlers (and under 5's) were sent to bed at 7pm sharp, regardless of whether Dad had got back from work and given them a kiss goodnight, regardless of whether they were tired or not. It was simply the done thing!- Whilst it may be good to keep the child in a routine it seemed a shame to send them out of the way before they could chill out with the rest of the family – be taken out to Parks and Bars or Restaurants or whatever.

It was also noticeable how few of the older children were playing in gardens and the streets (regardless of time and day) - where are they all? - At home watching TV or Playing Computer games?

Eating Out - Whenever we have visitors over from the UK we hear stories of how eating out in the UK “is so cheap now compared to Spain”. And when I was last in the UK I had to agree that it was. However, on reflection I would much rather have a 3 Course Home-Cooked Menu del Dia (Including Wine, Bread, Alioli and Coffee) for 8 Euros than I would have to suffer the indignity of a “2 Meals for a Fiver” In Wetherspoons, where I would be surprised if any component of the meal did not see a microwave oven.

Coffee - It seems to be the exception rather than the rule to find a half decent coffee house – and even then it is quite expensive. I called into a Patisserie with a friend for a Coffee and a Cake and could hear the Kettle boiling and the jar of Instant Coffee being rattled behind the kitchen divide. Needless to say the very sound almost set my teeth on edge – it is easy to get used to drinking a good standard of coffee and taking it for granted that it will be available in even the grottiest of Bars over here.

It's even acceptable to go out for a night on the town in Spain and drink nothing but Coffee and be served a good Cupful without receiving a disbelieving smirk from the Bar Staff.

Of course there's loads of stuff that I love about being in the UK and It's easy to complain about things – I just wondered if anyone else missed things about Spain when they were in the UK ?

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David widdowson said:
13 August 2010 @ 02:28

Sunshine Tapas and steady pace what more do you want

David widdowson said:
13 August 2010 @ 02:29

Sunshine Tapas and steady pace what more do you want

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