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A new life in Spain for Team CL

Two 40 something year olds and their 3 year old, who never really got much quality family time together, have decided that life demands a new adventure. So, here is our unfolding story of our new life in Murcia.

One month in - highs and lows
15 January 2013 @ 21:04

It's already been a month since our move to Spain and my goodness, time is flying. It's really been a month of lots of highs but also some lows. So, how is life settling for Team CL in Spain?

After our initial flurry of setting up and arranging various things, we settled down to some time off to enjoy Christmas and New Year. I had spent Christmas in Spain before so knew how different it can be but I wasn't prepared as to how home sick I felt for the presence of family. It's always been a very family affair and whilst, having our 3 year old all to ourselves on Christmas morning and seeing his absolute delight that Santa had made it to the balcony, by the time it came to dinner, it did really very strange. We were fortunate to be invited to friends on Boxing Day where we all played lots of games with lots of silliness and that did help to ease the yearning of wanted to go home at that point.

That said, we did enjoy the rest of the Christmas period and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my husband on New Years Eve (he normally worked in the UK) so although we stayed in, we had a lovely little party between the two of us thanks to very reasonably priced Cava and party packs in Mercadona! I did nearly choke on stuffing 12 grapes down my neck so might by pass that one this year! 

After New Year, we did start to feel the desperate need for some normality and routine - we were beginning to feel 'holidayed' out. It was still eight days until the start of school so all being together in the apartment began to feel very claustraphobic. Suddenly a light and airy space was closing in. Tempers frayed - we had missed family and our little one was seriously missing chums.

I always like to believe that a high should follow a low and the 3 Kings provided a well needed lift as did the glorious weather. On the 8th January, my little boy started school. I have never felt so nervous and sick in my life. A natural reaction for all mums but here I was throwing him into a place where he knew no-one and couldn't speak the language. Well, surprisingly he didn't cry and he stayed for the full day. He did seem rather shell shocked afterwards and behaviour was a little worse than usual but I have to remember what a massive change for him. We are now into the second week and fingers crossed, it's OK and he is getting there - poco a poco. It's been strange that I am a stranger at the school gate and an Extranjera and whilst I can speak ok Spanish, the speed and colloquial nature of a group of Mums speaking is overwhelming right now. Therefore, I have vowed to join the PTA equivalent and get stuck in.

A great high was the arrival last week of my parents. We had a super time although my Mum had a fall and whilst that was not a great experience for her, the emergency medical care and follow up was excellent and so that was a great releif to me. Sadly they left today and whilst I lived four hours away from them in the UK, that 'different country' distance is a much greater rench than I thought it would be.

So, we ended today with a home cooked meal with fabulous and very very cheap local veg and a play on the beach in the sun with our little man who had had a great day at school. It's beginning to feel 'home' versus a holiday and the routine of school is good. Both of us have some work in the pipeline so it's definitely onwards and upwards.....I will keep you posted

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tanya said:
15 January 2013 @ 20:13

I am going to follow this with interest as we are moving over at the end of the year. I do hope your little man settled into school quickly children are usually very adaptable

Tamara said:
15 January 2013 @ 23:09

Well done, that's a difficult period, successfully accomplished in your new home. It's incredibly brave to do this with a small son, though what a fab opportunity for him to grow up bilingual! Keep going, both with the blog and the new life :-)

Louise said:
16 January 2013 @ 21:55

It sounds like you're getting there slowly but surely and I too am following this with interest as we are planning to move over in the summer this year. It must be harder perhaps with just one small child as he doesn't have a sibling to keep him company either but he'll soon make friends at school and for him to grow up with two languages is fantastic. Keep plodding on..... :)

Deborah said:
19 January 2013 @ 11:14

Our dream is to move to spain but wtih a 12 and 16 year old just not possible at this time, so will concentrate on paying off the mortgage in the hope that we can move over in 10 year time!!! But will be interested in reading your updates. Also I need to learn Spanish!!!

Eddie said:
19 January 2013 @ 13:56

Well done you both have made the right move. Hope you get work sorted then you will nver look back

Good Luck

Graeme said:
21 January 2013 @ 09:22

Reminds me of us almost 6 years ago now...and good for you for joining the PTA...getting involved will certainly help...

Its been well worth the 6 years...long may it continue..

Best of luck with the future...

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