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Van space needed!!!!!!

Space needed on a van going from Bristol - alicante Area, around 20 May.

Van space needed - uk to Spain.
12 April 2013 @ 17:58

 Space needed in van, going from uk (Bristol) to Spain (Alicante Area) around about 20 May.

i have bamboo conservatory set 2 sweater, 2chairs and coffee table, recliner chair possibly a king size bed and mattress a suit case and some boxes with nik-nacs. I am looking for someone with space in their van/lorry for help. You can email me with any replies and also the sort of price you would be looking at. Thanks Alot for those who reply. Caz. 

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Tamara said:
13 April 2013 @ 08:41

I'm sorry I have no knowledge whatsoever to answer your question, but my suggestion would be that you post your question of the open forum, where all the knowledgeable members are poised to answer questions just like this! You've put it in the blog section, though it isn't really a blog (blogs are musings, diaries, light reading), and people don't come to this section to answer questions. Click on "home" at the top, and start a new thread in the general questions part. Good luck!

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