Poetry and poems about living in Spain and moving to Spain

Poetry about living in and moving to Spain 

Over the past few months we have received various requests from budding poets to feature their poems on the Eye on spain website.  We're now happy to oblige!

YOU now have the chance to feature your poem/s about life in Spain, moving to Spain, leaving Spain or absolutely anything about Spain which you would like to share with others.  Any poetry is acceptable (as long as it's clean!).

To submit a poem for publication simply send it to us, in any format, to poetry@eyeonspain.com and we will include it here so that others can enjoy them.  We will of course credit the author accordingly, just tell us what you want us to say about you!

Latest poems submitted:

Apartment Living - Submitted 20 September 2005

A code of conduct for apartment living,
Respecting others' different routines,
A major virtue is being forgiving,
And always keeping your area clean.
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Costa del Nostalgia - Submitted 19 September 2005

On the Costa del Sol, they started the trend,
Of breaks for those going round the bend.
It was here that it all happened first,
Some say it turned out for the worst!
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Feeling Puerto Ban-Used - Submitted 16 September 2005

Jose would have had in mind,
A certain class, a certain kind,
Maybe not quite so cheesy,
Some might say even sleazy.
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The Holiday Makers - Submitted 12 September 2005

Visible, vulnerable, preyed on by vultures,
Saying they want to sample some culture.

Disorganised, Disorientated and not so dapper,
Saying they must really try out some tapas.
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Just Landed - Submitted 05 September 2005

Look over there, new ones just landed,
Can't you see them looking so stranded?
Quick, see the flashing light!
Come on let's run, keep out of their sight.
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Walk Along the Beaches - Submitted 03 September 2005

Walk along the beaches,
You'll not only see some peaches,
You'll see melons and bananas,
Some over processed dried sultanas,
For the beach holds their vocation,
They give it total dedication!
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Ye Olde Spanish Pussy - Submitted 03 September 2005

With a made up face, fit for the stage,
The wild cat is ready to leave her cage,
Eight out of ten cats might prefer whiskas to eat,
But this cat prefers to dine out for her treat.
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Remember to send your poetry to us at poetry@eyeonspain.com.

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