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About Car Insurance in Spain

The following are important points to take into account when taking out car insurance cover in Spain:

It is compulsory to have car insurance in Spain with the minimum legal requirement being third party liability cover.

There are 3 different police forces in Spain, Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional and the Policia Local – each of these can inspect your vehicles and can levy a hefty fine or impound your car if not adequately covered.

The Law says that foreign registered cars in Spain can only be driven on Spanish roads for six months in a calendar year. If driving a UK plated car, try to carry proof that you have not been in Spain for more than 6 months (e.g. airline tickets, ferry tickets etc)

You must carry relevant documentation with you in your car. The documents, you should have include driving licence, ficha tecnica (log book), passport or residencia card/certificate, certificate of roadworthiness ( MOT or ITV), car registration details (permiso de circulación). You should also have a copy of your insurance policy and it is imperative to carry a copy of the last receipt paid as a proof of payment. Most Spanish insurance companies do not issue new documentation each year so your actual policy may carry a date of several years prior. The only way that police can check that it is still current is by checking that the policy has been paid for.

In Spain it is the vehicle that is insured and not the person – most motor insurances in Spain will cover the main driver and any driver over a certain age (usually 25/30 years old). You cannot drive anyone else’s car under your own insurance. You need to be covered under their vehicle policy.

Third Party cover in the UK is usually associated with fire and theft. Be careful! Don’t automatically assume that your third party cover in Spain includes fire and theft. If you do want fire and theft to be covered, you will have to ask your agent to either add it on to the basic third party cover or you may need to elect a fully comprehensive cover instead.

Third Party Cover (terceros) is the minimum legal requirement and will suit those with a low value car or ‘old banger’. It will cover any damage to third party cars that have been in an accident and any personal injuries suffered by third parties. It will not cover the insured’s property or personal or family injuries. There may be some additional extras offered which may differ according to the company you select (eg some may cover road assistance, others may cover glass etc). Check out what is covered when comparing quotes to ensure you are comparing like with like.

Fully Comprehensive Cover (todo riesgo) will cover most eventualities including material damage or injuries to both third parties and the insured. It will usually also cover protection against fire and theft and malicious damage. As in the case of third party cover, the exact detail may differ from company to company so check out what is covered when comparing quotes. If selecting this cover and the car you are insuring is not brand new from a car showroom, a perito (loss adjustor) will be sent out to inspect the vehicle and value it; apart from the car, the perito will look at the ‘extras’ such as audio equipment and gadgets. The time lapse between the perito being summoned and the policy being issued can be frustrating, so our advice is to start the ball rolling a few weeks before your insurance is due.

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