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22 Feb 2018 11:06 PM:

Thanks, really helpful information.

Thread: Autism provision in Spain

22 Feb 2018 9:35 PM:

I hope to move to Costa del sol area. My son is 11 years old and autistic. He could not integrate into mainstream school in the uk and is in a wonderful special autism unit which he loves.

Does anyone know if there is special provision for autistic children who cannot integrates into mainstream school in Spain? Would I need to pay privately?

 I would love to hear from anyone who has been in the same position or can advise me.


Thread: Autism provision in Spain

15 Jan 2018 11:43 AM:

Hi, thanks for your input on the financial side of things. I think you are absolutely right and thank you for spelling it out for me! Sometimes you become so absorbed in what you want to do that you don't take a reality check.

Great advice, Thanks.

Thread: Special needs schools spain

13 Jan 2018 2:34 PM:

Hi Brian,

The reason for the move is due to my husband's health. He is retired now  (I am in my forties) so recieves his state pension and a pension from his old job too. We have enough to support our family and daily life in Spain but not for excessive school fees in addition.

My husband suffers from fibromyalgia, ME and arthritis. All of these conditions are worsened by cold and damp in UK.  His consultant has told him to leave the UK wintertime as he may not survive the winter. Things have worsened over the last few winters and he currently has a severe chest infection, constant muscle pain, fatigue and depression and just can't sleep or rest due to the pain. We live in Wales and the last few summers have been non stop rain too!

My husband is a different person and a great dad when he is in the warmer weather. We want to spend some quality golden years happily in the sunshine with our children and that is not happening in the UK.

We have 2 options. 

Remain in the UK where school places are settled and go away for school hols and an extended christmas break ie return after Feb half term. The kids can bring 6 weeks study with them possibly?.

Or make a permanent move to spain if we can ensure that the kids will have adequate affordable schooling where they are happy and we can communicate with teachers, help with homework etc The hardest part is knowing whether we will find it possible to get a place for our autistic son who cannot integrate into mainstream school.

This was my main question really. Does anyone have experience of this? Does anyone have an autistic child and have you made the move? Are there actually ASD units in Spain as in the UK? Do you have to pay high fees for English/International schools? Can I find a list of special schools on a site which is in English?

We chose Almeria Costa del sol area as we believe there are a lot of English expats there and it is warmer in the winter months.

Any advice appreciated,

Thanks to all other replies,


Thread: Special needs schools spain

12 Jan 2018 2:24 PM:


I am hoping to move to Spain before next winter and am just researching about schools in near Almeria for my five children aged 3,6,10.12 & 14yrs. I am wondering what the fees might be for international school (or cheaper alternatives) as we are on a low income but want our chidren to learn spanish as a second language but be taught mainly in English. My 10 year old son is also in an autistic unit at the moment and he could not integrate into a mainstream classroom.

Could anyone offer any advice or know of any special schools in Spain (which teach in English or have English staff) or where I can find a list of special schools?

I cannot make a move to spain unless I know that I can find adequate provision for my autistic son.


Thread: Special needs schools spain


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