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27 Nov 2009 00:00:


I`m hoping someone can give me some information, my girlfriend is pregnant and up until september was paying social security, however the job she had ended and obvioulsy so did the social, so im wondering weather or not she will be entitle to have the baby in spain on the state health care, if anyone could kindly answer me on this I would be very grateful.

many thanks
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Thread: pregantcy in spain question??

29 Aug 2009 16:43:


Thread: Sky tv in Spain, the time is coming to watch out.!!!

29 Aug 2009 09:54:


Thread: Sky tv in Spain, the time is coming to watch out.!!!

25 Aug 2009 14:39:

very much confused now, how can you say we are the same person, think this may be a bullying tactic used by sad people who sit in this forum all day waiting for a reason to hit out at people, very sad indeed.

All i have done is just to inform about a leaked document stating that a Sky license may come into action in Spain, so for all you people who think you know best just carry on breaking the law, thats up to you.

 im just gonna relax and enjoy spanish tv. 


Thread: Sky tv in Spain, the time is coming to watch out.!!!

24 Aug 2009 14:12:


think this subject is getting a little out of hand, please lets just get back to the basics, If you watch Sky in Spain it is illegal, i realise that some of the tic for tac comments have now started but we must remain as a discussion group rather than hit out at each other, i find many things on this site helpful and informative so this is just another post, i think when people are told they are doing something illegal its human nature to put up your guards, so i understand you slagging myself and mr woods off, however lets not get off our prams, this issue is a fact and needs to be brought up from time to time just so people realise they could be commiting a offence, however small we may think this is.

 would simply ring up Alan James or some other company which instals Sky and be reconnected within an hour.

as a answer to this, I do know Mr James and I do not think he would be very pleased with you quoting his name on here.

Expat man, you are almost as bad. You may have been a 'Sky employee' - although there are many types of Sky employeees from tealadies to directors -but you know as little as the other guy.

Football tonight!!!

I find this a little childish but i understand as this subject has obviously hit a nerve, however just to clarify I work for Sky for over 10 years a technical director, yes they do employ tea ladies etc, but I think these people should be subject to abuse. Hope you enjoyed the football, and continue too, but please lets just go back to the basic post, SKY IS ILLEGAL IN SPAIN.

I hope this puts a stop to any other ms-leading claims or future abuse on this post


Thread: Sky tv in Spain, the time is coming to watch out.!!!


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