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27 Dec 2008 00:00:

just though would let this one out as a new one on me.

A friend of mine has just been fined €400 for having a spanish car and driving on his uk lience the guardia asked if he was a resident and he replied yes then happy xmas here is your fine sir you should surrender a uk lience if you live here and drive on a spanish lience.

He has since checked this with his solicitor and found out this is correct be warned.

I thought a eu lience was an eu lience but quess not.

happy new year all



Thread: Driving a spanish car on uk licence

27 Dec 2008 22:29:

Hi khira


You are abit far away from me to help really but you are more than welcome to look at my web site for ideas if you need help on materials just post and i will give you help... :)

If you get a builder in make sure you can see his work and obtain refs and permissions never just take there word that it will be ok i have seen to many errors here in spain be warned.


best of luck with your project



Thread: working partner wanted finca work

18 Dec 2008 10:58:

Thanks funluvin99

Its nice to recieve positive feedback

And i would like to wish all my customers and eos a happy xmas and great new year

Thread: Thumbs Up!

10 Dec 2008 19:07:

Hi dunmovin

well I think this is a easy one really think if somthing happens and sombody gets hurt would you still be debating or wish you would have told them in the first place.

you might be worrying about nothing im sure they would have had a Structural Survey on the property before they bought it and if there is movement im sure he would have picked up on it but im sure if you tell them and then they are aware then at least they can monitor the area and you can sleep at night.

you might find they are greatfull for history on the property.


best of luck


Thread: ethical problem

10 Dec 2008 18:55:

Excellent post I thought that was great just glad i dont pay there electric bill.


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Thread: Christmas lights


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