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14 Apr 2008 12:41:

Hi David,

I took out a "Halifax" mortgage three years ago at their Benalmadena office. They did say at the time I could have a credit card, but they were not insistant

on me having one. They also did the Home contents insurance and again no life policy was requested or insisted upon. My own Bank, Solbank only issue

credit cards if you ask for one, which I did, and they are useful for the times you visit. So unless things have changed in three years, don't be bullied into something

you don't want or need.


Best wises for the future,

Paul Smith

Thread: Halifax Mortgage requirements

05 Dec 2006 08:42:

Hi Smiley,

Note what you say. Don't think I pay spanish social security, as a retiree. Spain also has allowances before you pay tax on your pension. As a resident will not be liable to certain taxes that non residents pay. The wealth tax is very small, Iam not rich, so all in all, will still be better off than in UK.




04 Dec 2006 00:00:

Hi everyone, normally post on the Manilva site where I have an apartment and just had to reply to this one.

I bought an apartment July 2005 and will be retiring to Spain next year, as I cannot afford to live in the UK on my pension!

Just a few examples, I think will pursuade you.
Water Rates, Electicity & Gas charges plus Council Tax, (For a two bedroom semi, if you have a bigger property then you can add 50% to 75% on, as this is by far the biggest expence), all come to just over 3,500 euros a year, this is three times as much as all the charges put together that I would pay in Spain.
Petrol is at least 20p a litre cheaper in Spain and don't forget, you have days and days of FREE sunshine, FREE beaches and wonderful scenary.

So all that extra cash will give you a good living in Spain.

Paul Smith



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