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05 Jul 2012 7:23 AM:

Hi Georgina & mr.Kevin,


we too had a  water softener/purifier fitted but we decided we didnt like it so we took the filters out but left the casing, however we did the about 4 years ago...but you are also right, as soon as the ph drops the marks come back and no matter how much chlorine I put in the pool i never get a reading for longer than a day or two.


When I brush the algae from the walls there is clouds of white dust comes off have you any idea what this could be?

Thank you both for your replys.


Thread: Pool problem

04 Jul 2012 12:45 PM:


Could anyone help me please....I have an 8x4 pool and the problem is on the walls at the deep end there are lots ans lots oblack marks.

I have been to my pool shop and he said it was black algae, he said I need to brush the infected area with a wire brush and then vac the pool he then told to put algaecide in the pool, I did what he said and everything seem to be fine for about a week and then the algae came back even worse, the pool is using chlorene at an alarming rate and the ph keeps contantly dropping.

I can get the chlorine level up to 10ppm+ but the next i check it and it is down to 2ppm. I was told that when I vac'd the pool I should have vac'd to waste, because now the sand will be infected with the algae heads, wil this be true??

I could do with some good advice please.

Thank you all

Thread: Pool problem

26 Jun 2012 9:02 AM:

Hi all,

I have a friend who is a pensioner, he is a resident here in Spain and he has been told from Sunday 1st July all pensioners will have to pay full price for all prescriptions. Could anyone tell me if this is true as my friend is worried that he may not be able to pay these charges as he and his wife would have to pay about 50euro a week for their prescriptions.

Many thanks

Thread: Prescriptions charges

27 Apr 2012 2:35 PM:


I am a self employed builder here in Spain and I pay 278euro per month autonomo. I have been told the government are going to change this to 90 euro per month. Could someone tell me if this is true. 

I am hoping it is as I am really struggling to pay this every month, to the fact that I am thinking of opting out of the system, I know this would be illegal but I am just not making enough money to pay it every month.

I am situated on the Costa Blanca north. I would really appreciate some advice on what to do



Thread: autonomo

24 Feb 2009 12:00 AM:

Hi is there anybody out there who could help me with a query concerning our community!!!

Our community was set up about a year ago,But it was not explained to us properly about how the payments were going to be divided it says in the minutes"The community fees have been calculated with the coefficients that appear in the deed property"

So when we all received our fees bill there are big differences to what we all pay, from 66.46 euros to 164.10 euros  to be paid in two semester payments.

The properties on our community are built up of - 

3 bedroom 2 bathroom duplex's with underground garages.

3 bedroom 2 bathroom quad house's some with underbuilds and some with garages.

Not a great deal of difference, but the fees differ greatly how can we legally get around this as some of the owner's have cut their payments down to a lower amount saying "we are all paying for the same area why are we paying more" I have to say I do agree with them as they did pay more for their properties in the first place, and they do pay more Summa, electric and water. 

many thanks



Thread: Community Charges


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