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03 Jul 2012 19:29:

Slightly off topic, but an interesting point comes to mind about all this.
Those who retire early to Spain and have a few years to go before their retirement are advised to take out private health cover, as even an S1 will only cover them until it runs out, leaving a gap between having state health care paid for by the UK and the time when, as a state pensioner, they can claim state health care in Spain.

However, we then have this proposed legislation:
http://elpais.com/elpais/2012/06/14/inenglish/1339677237_391907.html (El Pais in  English - Ministry Backtracks On Healthcare Entitlement Restrictions.

If this goes through, those residents earning under 100k a year (as declared on their tax returns) will now have access to state health care.

And this begs a question.
Someone under state pension age will need to take out private health cover to sign on the foreigners register, or show an S1 (and thus prove they will not be a burden on the state).  And they will they need to keep paying for this private health cover until their first tax returns have been submitted and verified.

In theory, once a person has proved their income and health care coverage to apply for residencia (or in the case of EU citizens, to sign on the foreigners register), and has submitted a tax return which shows they earn less than 100k per year, they could (in theory of course) recieve state health care, thus negating their need for private health insurance.

Anything wrong with that theory?

It was just a testing out an idea I think some may have considered.

Thread: Prescriptions charges

03 Jul 2012 18:27:

Oh I agree with everyone saying that if you live here as a resident and are signed on with the health service, you should be payng tax here, or at least submitting a tax return.

I was just opening up the debate to include non-residents (and of course, I arrived here after Rose editted her post).

As I said, I had always assumed that a non-resident would pay the full amount for prescriptions, whether a pensioner or not.
In that case, it would negate Rose's argument that, as a non-resident, she should still be treated as a pensioner for prescriptions whether she was in the UK or in Spain.

Thread: Prescriptions charges

03 Jul 2012 16:21:

Although the answers given to Rose are correct for those residing in Spain (either after 90 consecutive days or if spending 183 days or more in Spain per year), I think they may have missed the point that Rose says she is a non-resident.

So I am assuming that she has a holiday home here and spends less than the time required for registration, but is doing the right thing by paying non-resident tax.

In that case her question is reasonable.

I agree that one cannot expect the same rules to apply in Spain as they do in the UK, and that, just because you have paid into one system you cannot automatically expect the same level of treatment from another system.

But this is a question for those who are non-residents to consider.

Having said that, I always assumed that non-residents, pensioners or not, paid the full amount for prescriptions anyway, but perhaps not so?

Thread: Prescriptions charges

03 Jul 2012 15:58:

Hi Camille,
Sorry I can't help you with the address of a nail salon.
But I'm bumping this thread for you, as my reply on the other one (wrong title  ) has bumped it to the top of the page (60 views already, lol!).
So this way, maybe someone can give you a non-joking answer.

Thread: Gelish nail salon in Benijofar?

03 Jul 2012 15:50:

Hi camille,
Just to say that your unplanned thread title made me spill my coffee laughing.

So, I'm sorry I cant help you with the address of a nail saloon that does Gelish nails.

But I have to admit that I was quite interested in what would make a nail saloon hellish.
Thumb screws perhaps....?

Thread: Hellish nail salon in Benijofar?


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