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08 Jul 2011 00:00:

Hi all,


Got a series of internal plumbing issues. Any recommendations for a plumbing service in the Almeria area?

Thanks in anticipation

Thread: Plumbing Issues

07 Jul 2011 11:25:

If the debtors have a UK property then try GB Pimney as we tried them about 4 months ago and got some good results. Problem didn't go away but we managed to get a substantial amount of the debt back. Worth a shout.

Thread: Unpaid Community Fees

07 Jul 2011 11:21:

GB Pimney are the ones to check out. Tried them a few months ago and they have come up trumps on 2 debtors. Worth a look at!


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Thread: long term debtors

07 Jul 2011 00:00:

Hi all,

Just had a real result collecting community fees that have been owed for the best part of 18 months! Thought I'd pass on the news as I know there are 100's in the same boat. Found a company when I was back home who have chased up a few fee bandits! GB Pimney are the heroes of the day and would fully recommend them to all communities. Back to the painting, lol.

Thread: Community Fees


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