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07 Mar 2014 9:39 AM:

Char you only have the NIE paper which is white and yes you are correct you need this one to obtain all you have mentioned ie bank acc and ss number and tax stuff. The GREEN one is your residency which you need for your driving license and under spanish law this should be changed if you live here for more than 183 days, or if you live here full time. This is a central government requirement not a regional law, as you well know here if the police can make money out of you then they will a friend of mine was fined 500e for not having changed his license and then had to do it which cost more money so be warned. Oh also your bank acc should say you are a resident or you will be paying more money to the bank than you should just a thought check that one.

Thread: green residency certificate?

21 Jan 2014 10:27 AM:

Ok Corvera has not opened yet it was suposed to open 2012,2013,and later this year so watch this space, as the regional gov has not found anybody willing to pay the Millions that need paying to San Javier as compo and dont belive how long it takes to get to camposol, Corvera is in the middle of no where and as for the paramount complex well thats going wellis it not, thats not going to happen this side of Hell freezing over. Sorry but untill I see a plane land there I wont belive it.

Thread: La Roda for sale

24 Dec 2013 9:08 AM:

If its just change of address then do it on line easy saves going to the traffico and cost is nothing. Thats here in Alicante dont know about the rest of Spain though just go to the dgt web site and have a go or learn spanish.

Never give over docs without a  receipt you won't in the UK so why do it here.


Thread: Log Book

15 Dec 2013 8:27 AM:

Am with Roly2 on this one pay the tax and stop moaning my God you have got away with it for years so pay up and shut up and think how many years you not declared these homes on your UK tax.

Anyway this was first mutated in 2007 and nothing has happened so far, just think the UK gov has got the bedroom tax  so why cant Spain do this. 

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Thread: Could impact on tourism

18 Nov 2013 7:23 AM:

Hi you are ok the piolt light is supossed to do that so dont worry just keep it burning and get the heat its cool now.


Thread: Gas Heater Servicing


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