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18 Mar 2018 1:24 PM:

Kavagnah, as i understand taxation internationally , on a personal basis, you are supposed to disclose these foreign investments so that you are not taxed in your country of residence and again a second time in the country your asset is invested in. This does make sense, and ultimately it also serves to help prevent fraud generally. The problem that seems to arise with expats in Spain is the reluctance to reveal the extent of their assets in the UK, for what reason i do not know. If you were still resident in the UK and owned a Spanish property and investments, wouldnt you declare them to get tax relief in the UK tax system?

Thread: Decaration of assets abroad- end of term 31st March

17 Mar 2018 1:02 PM:

The couple Mariedav mentions have had a bad experience, and i would also advise them to appeal the court ruling. The problem is the cost of such an action. They would be probably be paying out more than what they were fined to hopefully win the appeal. Maybe it would be easier to pay the fine and resign themselves to the outcome. When all is said and done they have been living ok to that point financially, and the inheritance maybe would cover the fine? It would just leave a very bitter feeling to have to put up with it.

It does make you wonder why they did not declare the finances in the first place though. Was it just ignorance, bad advice from a financial adviser, or were they trying to hide the bonds? There is probably more to this story than it appears.

Thread: Decaration of assets abroad- end of term 31st March

06 Jun 2017 10:30 PM:

Sanchez, you never had an issue with your group B licence as it was a full licence entitlement. Already stated is that it is illegal to drive any vehicle of any class on a provisional licence for the class of vehicle being driven/ridden in a country other than the country that issued the licence. So UK licence thats provisional does not give you the right to drive or ride that class of vehicle in a foreign country to the licence issuer. Hope that clears it up for you.

Thread: Spain driving laws

06 Jun 2017 5:23 PM:

Harry i would think the reason a lot of people get away with the offence is because the police in Spain would claim the same as the UK police, and thats that"there is too much of it for the police to deal with". And what else is that very police force dealing with? it seems at this moment in time there are also too many thieves/rapists/muggers/terrorists,ETC, but you never seem to see police visibly chasing these offenders either, though there always seems to be policemen riding around in cars seemingly doing nothing.

Thread: Spain driving laws

06 Jun 2017 3:04 PM:

UK or Spain? Not sure about Spain but i would think its much the same as the UK.  Disabled or "special" (whatever that means) badges make no difference. In the UK you may not park on a pedestrian crossing or the road markings before and after the main crossing. This is for safety, as the lead in and out of the crossing is kept clear so the person crossing, and the approaching driver can get a clear view of the area within the crossing area.


There are strict laws that prohibit stopping and waiting on white zig zag lines found along pedestrian crossings other than when forced to do so in traffic. The police can issue a fixed penalty notice where if endorsable will incur three penalty points and a fine. Many pedestrian crossings now come equipped with cameras to catch motorists disregarding rules that should be followed at all pedestrian crossings. See zigzag road markings for further information on parking procedures and penalties on yellow or white zigzag road markings."

The above is taken from this webpage, 


Thread: Spain driving laws


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