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05 Aug 2019 15:16:

Hi, I’ve owned a property in Spain for several years. It’s fairly remote and is supplied with non potable water by the Town Hall. There is no water company involved. The so called ‘water manager’ or plumber who has a part time contract with the Town Hall turns our supply off every so often which allows the pressure to other users to be increased. I don’t have a major issue with this as I have a 1000 litre holding deposit which keeps me going. The problem arises when they neglect to turn our supply on again. I’ve been without a water supply for almost a month, the authorities don’t seem to care. I have other issues too in that the water metre is situated far from the property & if there’s a leak I’m not aware until I receive a bill. It jumped from 90€ to 1300€ for the year two years ago. I’ve asked if the metre can be moved closer to my property but the plumber has told me NO. I contacted a solicitor but the company do not have sufficient ‘rural land’ knowledge to assist me. If anyone has any suggestions or rural land knowledge your input would be much appreciated.

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