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11 Aug 2016 10:54:

johnzx, does the tax rate of 19.5% apply throughout Spain, my property is in the Granada region?

I have difficulties with the new Form 210 from section 19 onwards. I am not sure where the 1.1% of Cadastral value and the 19.5% tax rate should be shown. Has anyone got an example form showing where the various information should be shown on sections 19 to 31?

I assume the bar code stickers used on previous forms are now outdated and no longer used?

Thread: Problems with form 210 (wealth tax) for tax due 2015

27 Apr 2016 10:08:

Nationwide International in the Isle of Man have Euro accounts.

I opened one as a savings account to take advantage of  times when exchange rates are good to save and pay off my mortgage in the future at a time that suits me.

I do not have faith in the Spanish banks following some bad experiences.

The account pays interest but the downside would be fees and limits on outgoing payments. Check them out.

Thread: A UK with a euro account

31 Jan 2016 19:45:

1. Yes - 4 or 5 times (Spain).

1a. Yes- Air.

1b. No - Not this year.

2. Yes - Turkey and countries south side of med. Change of plan for Dubai in 2017, now planning Florida & Texas.


03 Jan 2011 18:55:

Hi, we went last year and will be going again in February. I use the attached link for information about the prices and calendar etc.


Regards, raileng

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16 Oct 2010 00:00:

Can anyone recommend English speaking air conditioning installation engineers in the Granada City Area?

We have property on a development that is 20 minutes north of Granada City. A number of properties have had air conditioning installed by an English engineer from Puente de Salia and owners are happy with there installations. Unfortunately, the engineer has now returned home to the UK due to personal circumstances and we now require an alternative installer/service engineer!

Our community vice president makes the arrangements on behalf of owners requiring air conditioning installed or serviced, he is English and is resident at the development.

The apartments at the development include a pre-installation air ducted system and we have opted for the Fujitsu General with Inverter Drive because of the need to be quite when running, efficient in the use of electricity and operation.



Thread: Air Conditioning Intallation Engineers - Granada City Area


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