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16 Sep 2017 12:01 PM:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your reply.

its a normal solid concrete ceiling.Need a company that specialises in detecting root cause of the leak using

therma imaging etc.


Thread: Thermal imaging or something similar to find water leaking from ceiling.

16 Sep 2017 10:50 AM:

Hi everyone,

Have leaky ceilings in bedroom and living room and have spent thousands of euros trying to fix the leak.The huge terrace on top was totally taken out and done again,flower beds removed etc.But the water still leaks in the same place and ruining outside walls too.I am in Elviria near Marbella.I am now looking for thermal imaging company or anything like that that can detect where the water leak originates from ,if anyone has any ideas of any thermal imaging company in Southern Spain I would be really greatful

Thread: Thermal imaging or something similar to find water leaking from ceiling.

13 Nov 2011 1:31 PM:

Hi Norman,
Wealthy I am not,borrowed money to put deposit in Spain and still paying the interest etc and suffering financially in many ways.
It was a dream to have a property in Spain but now shattered.I am still totally gutted that at auction on 10/11/11 we were unable to sell the possessed land from developers , came so close to selling and
getting my money back.Is there anyone out there who was successful at auction in selling possessed land/properties from developers and
whats your experience ?

Thread: Recovery of Deposit

13 Nov 2011 12:08 PM:

Off plan deposit €125,000 paid in 2004 for Las Vistas in Elviria,half built in 2005,work stopped in 2005.
After 5 years court case, we manage to get hold of two plots of land from developer worth,€355,000 through court for auction in Marbella Court.
Auction date was on 10/11/2011.Someone at the auction offered enough money to cover my deposit plus interest etc ,he tried to transferred 20%
deposit in to court accounts but money did not get transferred in time, & now the next auction is on 14/02/12.
We are hoping the same person will buy it at the auction in February.
Other option is to transfer the possessed land from developer in to my name but that means having to pay tax as it becomes purchase.
I am being very patient but I'll chase the developer till I get every penny back.
Any advice?

Thread: Recovery of Deposit

07 Nov 2008 12:31 PM:

Thanks Sunnymim...I'll try both and see how it goes..

Thread: Selling car on Costa Del Sol


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