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18 Nov 2014 14:32:

I have always paid my notional rental tax  in cash at the bank in Spain. However, I shall not be in Spain prior to the deadline this year and would like my bank to pay the tax direct from my current account. I believe that there is an instruction line on the form and I know of two other people who email the form to their Spanish bank (Cajamar) with the appropriate authorisation and have no problems getting it paid from their account.

Via the Halifax and Lloyds International, my account is now with Banco Sabadell. I have, in the last two months, twice faxed them concerning a change of address and three times faxed asking if they will pay the notional rental tax from my account, if I email or fax them the completed forms. I have yet to receive a response.

Last week, I tried a telephone call and was told, very bluntly, that I had to pay the tax myself electronically. i.e., it seemd they did not want to pay it from my account. They are willing to take it in cash and pay it, but it seems, not transfer it from my account. Senseless.

Has anyone had the same problem? Succeeded without a problem? Any advice on how to get Sabadell to do this simple thing?  Perhaps a recommendation for a more user friendly bank in the Elviria area?

Thread: Form 210 - instruct bank to pay from current account

16 Apr 2014 08:33:

I had an account with Banco Halifax, that became Lloyds International and is now Sabadell. Does anyone know if Sabadell are competitive with their charges? If not, can you recommend an alternative?  I have just a current account and transfer money in from UK and France once each year. I also have four regular direct debits.

Thread: non resident bank charges

08 Jun 2012 17:55:

Thanks Claire. They may pay something eventually, but the waiting game is in their favour as I understand that they are only liable to pay current year to date and previous year fees from when they 'own' the property and that this is the rationale for them delaying registration.

Thread: Community fee debt on repossessed property

08 Jun 2012 16:01:

I am told that banks do not need to register their ownership on repossessed properties until they are ready or able to sell them and that they do not do this because it enables them to avoid paying community fees.
Can you please tell me if this is true and confirm exactly at what point the bank becomes liable for onward community fees and also for the accrued debt?

Many thanks

Thread: Community fee debt on repossessed property

02 Oct 2011 00:00:

Due to the property slump, we have many unnoccupied apartments on our urb, some of which have been repossessed by the banks and may be rented in the near future, others which are rented out by their owners to help cover their mortgages.
Because of the huge amount of property available for rental, rates are low and we are suffering from renters who would not normally be able to live in a community such as ours and do not respect the environment, the rights of others to a quiet life, the property which they are renting or the community statutes in general. Thos causes problems for individual owners and the community at large.
Does any one know of an effective way to prevent or control this situation? Is it legal to amend our statutes to specify certain conditions for renters only and to have such conditions incorporated into rental agreements? e.g no dogs, no loud music, perhaps a fine on the owner if community statutes are ignored etc etc.
Any help or exchange of experiences appreciated.

Thread: Renters


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