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Soy... una mujer

Sobre mi... married two children

Vivo en... west midlands brought in san cayatano murcia

Me gusta... reading, going out music

Trabajo de... nurse

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17 Feb 2018 18:07:

Thank you all only just seen the replies 

Thread: Plants for a roof terrace

16 Feb 2018 09:17:

That’s brilliant really good advice. Can I ask do you have to change the crystals after a certain period and I presume it is best to water the plants/ crystals when you can. Will definitely be getting some of the plants and crystals 

Thread: Plants for a roof terrace

16 Feb 2018 05:42:


We have a place in Murcia area of Spain. I would like some plants on our roof terrace however we don’t live in Spain and sometimes it is months before we are out there. Can anyone recommend the best plants that will survive the extreme heat but also sometimes torrential rain and wind. They obviously will be planted in boxes or pots. 

I am not keen on Cactus  I have been told Aloe Vera plants and the gardener said another plant that ended in Vera but I can’t remember what this is. I have also read lavender and rosemary are drought resistant but will they survive no water? I am happy to buy plants in England and take them over or buy in Spain 

Also is there any thing special we should put them in i.e soil and should we water them when we do go.

i had thought of artificial plants or has anyone got other suggestions on how to make a roof terrace more homely 

Thank you 

Thread: Plants for a roof terrace

24 Apr 2016 09:58:

Thank you all for your replies,really good xx

Thread: Renfe train tickets

20 Apr 2016 07:00:

Our local train station man does not speak any English. On looking at the trains timetable prices vary a lot. It looks like it is easy to book tickets online with the English version of Renfe. Has anyone tried this and do you need to print tickets or can you save them to a phone? Thank you

Thread: Renfe train tickets


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