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Soy... una mujer

Sobre mi... Married 53 year old. Moved to Spain 2009 returned to Uk 2013 but plan to go back again

Vivo en... Lancashire

Me gusta... Walking, reading & shopping

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04 Dec 2019 17:11:

Thank you.

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

04 Dec 2019 14:12:

Just an update. Visited the Town Hall. My previous Residency & husband's NIE had already been cancelled. When we move over in January & have a rental contract, we can apply again and sort everything like taxes etc once we have it.

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

25 Sep 2019 23:43:

I thought I had as if you read below, I believed I had followed the rules. I lived in Spain until 2013 & at that time I didn't earn or claim any money & solely relied on my husband's wages. He paid tax on his earnings in the UK & according to the rules you only have to pay tax in either  Spain or the UK so you see it is easy to maybe make a mistake.

Spanish tax treaties with the UK

In 2006 Spain signed a double tax treaty with the UK which means that you should not have to pay tax twice on the same income, and you should only pay tax in the UK or in Spain.

Foreign asset reporting law in Spain

Since March 2013, if you live in Spain and own assets in excess of €50,000 outside of Spain you are required by law to declare those assets (up to the 31st December of the previous year) to the Spanish government by the 31st March each year (from 2014 onwards).

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

25 Sep 2019 20:15:

Thank you for taking the time to try & help my situation. All my husband ever had was an NIE number & never a residency as you worked out, he never stayed for 6 months in any year here. Don't even remember how or why I got mine but think I got a letter at my rental accommodation. 

Regarding social security & N.I etc, neither of us have ever claimed any benefits & we both have enough paid N.I to entitle is to full state pension in about 5 years, as well as private pensions. At the moment I don't have any income, we live off my husband's wages& savings.

I never thought asking a simple question regarding residency would lead to me discovering all the tax laws here & how wrong I was in assuming that you only had to pay taxes in Spain if you owned or rented out a house & nobody told me any different, but somehow your expected to know these things lol.

I will certainly seek advice on what  my situation is & take it from there. Thank you



Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK

24 Sep 2019 17:19:

I have just been reading up on this imputed tax on my house in the UK. Am I right in thinking it's about money that could be gained from renting it out etc. Sorry but I'm not very bright & people on here seem more knowledgeable..

I also have a son who although is 28, still lives in the house. Does that matter?

Thread: Returning after 6 years in UK


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