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09 Dec 2019 10:00 PM:

My experience of Spanish lawyers to date is not positive to say the least !

My naievity in attempting to buy a place in the sun is beyond doubt let's be clear on this !

Original "lawyer" took their fee to represent me in my off-plan purchase :-

Simply sent me a worded email receipt for my 40000€ deposit !

Despite asking my lawyer for a bank guarantee it never came !

Failed to explain what "touristica manzana" meant in my contract !

Recently ignoring my request for the actual receipt of my money transfer receipt !


2nd law firm ran conference calls and were full of confidence in their abilities but sat on my case from June 2012 with very poor communication unless I messaged them first !

Talked about the possibility of an insurance claim against previous lawyers insurance but were hesitant and unconfident about success and never went ahead !

When I informed them I no longer had confidence in them due to 8 years of lack of communication and action and asked for a refund I was offered half my fees back due to "work they had done on my case" money grabbing is what I call this !

I recently asked for clarification on a matter they said they had dealt with on my behalf, I was simply reminded I was no longer a client of theirs ! And no help whatsoever !

Now I wait in limbo...so I  very recently approached a new lawyer...

"Yes you have a good case with good prospects of success "  and immediately wanted to send me their fee scale after the lawyer had assessed my case files ! 

How can this be when my case is exactly the same as jerryb's, I honestly have no trust in any of this country's legal representatives at this point !

SC rulings within the same country is definitely not what I call neutrality 

Best regards all



Thread: Comfort in numbers.

29 Nov 2019 12:47 AM:

Hi Brenda51,

Congratulations !!

I have private messaged you, might be in your spam folder, so might this 😞

Well done Maria and Costaluz on winning the case😄

Best regards


Thread: Case won by Costs Luz Lawyers

18 Feb 2018 9:40 PM:

Has anyone won their deposit return case against the bank or Plus Advisors regarding Promociones Eurohouse Fortuna Golf development ?

If so can you please let me know as I am getting nowhere fast with current Spanish law firm and as deposit paid in 2006 I am running out of time on this !

Any information will be much appreciated !


Thread: Fortuna Golf

09 Dec 2015 3:07 AM:

Hi everyone,

I welcome any constructive feed back to my previous email, yes my email makes for uncomfortable reading to some but I have nothing to hide as my main reason apart from finding a solution to my situation is to help motivate others in a similar position to seek assistance to have their funds back into their bank accounts as soon as possible, come on people let's stand up together for what is right and fair !

I personally will not stop until I receive my funds, I am 44 years old, my father who put up half the funds is 79 , I just hope l can get justice soon for my dad.

Best wishes 



Thread: Fortuna Golf Deposit Return

06 Dec 2015 1:43 PM:

Hi Maria and the other interested readers,

Following your comments and suggestions and thank you all once again I have this weekend went over all emails relating to my initial purchase and subsequent problems and yes I got a rare email from the lawyer saying they "had checked with the Judicial Administrator for Promociones Eurohouse that my purchase contract was formally terminated and that this has been confirmed by the Judge dealing with the administration proceedings of the developer" that email was in April 4th 2015 and its the last I've heard of them !

On looking back over all email correspondence I have a much clearer picture now of why this poor relationship scenario developed with (2nd lawyer who I will keep anonymous just now), they responded poorly to my relevant and genuine concerns I had by actually putting me under pressure to sign up for what they stated was "my only option to recover my deposit" and they followed this up with an email giving me a very short space of time around one week to join the action, I did join and then 8 months past and I asked for an update and they still had not filed the lawsuit or kept me updated, I feel I was pressurised into joining and so I decided I felt their poor communication and initial pressure to get me to pay and join the action was unfair and so I emailed them to say that for these reasons I wanted to withdraw from this action against Plus Advisors as I had no confidence in them due to their lack of communication etc and they have not even so much as acknowledged me or my  email since. In case the legal assistant had left I messaged the business owner who also has not replied.

And there are the reasons I am feeling angry, frustrated and so isolated with this whole ongoing scenario up until now, not only a very sad situation but there is also the disappointment and confusion I feel towards the legal "professionals" I have trusted to help me but who have not been professional at all !




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This message was last edited by markybhoy on 06/12/2015.
Thread: Fortuna Golf Deposit Return


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