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28 Jun 2008 19:52:

Hi Karensun
Do you mean that you shouldnt have two committee members from the same residence then?

Thread: How does a Community Work?

17 Jun 2008 22:14:

Like many communitiesthe first year has presented many teething problems that our vice president had to take over when the president returned to the UK. She has done a super job but we have been told due to work commitments she cannot dedicate the time. As we are non residents only spending holidays in Spain we have offered to set up a newsletter to lighten the load and contribute in this way as we cannot be there 52 weeks of the year.
We had heard that it will literally mean picking somone out of a hat but does that mean all community members names are entered or only those living in Spain on a permanent basis?

Thread: How does a Community Work?

17 Jun 2008 00:40:

Hi all
We have our AGM in a few weeks, can anyone assist a problem we may have please? The current president has returned to the Uk and the vice president does not want to stand, what happens if no one decides to take on the presidency?? Any help would be grateful in answering this 

Thread: How does a Community Work?

01 Apr 2008 19:00:

He we live in a small village on the Costa Blanca and there were several break in's during the building stage but feel as happy now as I would do in the Uk as if there are opportunities offered then people will take them so just make sure property it secure.

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09 Mar 2008 00:00:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice please? We are a small community many owners like myself only spending holidays at our home, our community was formed in June last year and like other newly formed communities we have the usual problems such as non payment of community fees etc but we were recently informed that one of the owners organised a work weekend to clean and tidy the community garden and pool area - what a fantastic idea most would say and I would agree, however, this person took it upon themselves to request volunteers to dig around the pool area and lay a path needless to say it appears to have gone wrong as there was a considerable amount of builders rubble under the grass.

We have asked what is going to be done to remedy this as we were told that a quote to put things right amounts to over 2000 euros and due to unpaid community charges there is no money to cover such an expense.

Each time we ask about anything we receive the same answer that we have to wait until the AGM in June for matters to be resolved but this is unacceptable as like others we feel that the committee should not have proceeded with such a task without consulting the other owners, there are 63 in total or at least getting the majority to agree. As many owners rent their properties out imagine what will happen if someone has an accident!

Any suggestions?

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