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11 Dec 2012 17:34:

hi robert 8696

we have to hand our UK licence in when we collect the new spanish one,thank you for the heads up,i will make sure we have copies of the UK one and paperwork  before we hand it in.better safe than sorry

some else had also told me to check when picking up your new one as sometimes a category is missing,she hadnt got the bit that allowed  her to tow a horse box which was on her UK licence


regards karen

Thread: UK DL to Spanish

02 Dec 2012 00:49:

gosh i feel a bit awful solwayiceman,i didnt mean to be rude,

maybe with your info and mine,we could say alicante info amd malaga could be combined,just take every bit of paperwork that could be relevant to the licence exchange,and expect in alicante that you will not keep your licence but still worth doing.

keep the faith karen xxx

Thread: UK DL to Spanish

01 Dec 2012 19:59:

thats why i made it clear my husband did it in malaga,someone on here might have to go to the malaga trafico


Thread: UK DL to Spanish

01 Dec 2012 17:50:

no problem,will  repost when licence arrives not sure if it will really be 3 weeks lol but main thing is ,its in process

Thread: UK DL to Spanish

01 Dec 2012 16:46:

my husband went to traffico malaga,yesterday to change his licence.It was relatively straightforward.

He had to take his current licence and the green paperwork that goes with the licence,a photocopy of both sides of licence and photocopy of green paperwork.

 passport and photocopy

 residencia and photocopy

NIE paperwork and photocopy.

he did not need his padron

A current medical certifcate ,obtained locally,it has to be a clinic that is approved by traffico.There is s clinic near traffico,malaga you can do it on the day you apply but most likely more expensive.

The medical is not difficult and cost him 35 euros.he is 67.

a form that traffico give you to fill in address details etc,and 2 declaration forms you have to sign.

2 recent passport photos

Present them at the desk and they will process them and send off to DVLA .

They will ask for your email address to inform you of when to pick up your new licence,they stated around 3 weeks later.

you keep your UK licence and they give you a slip of paper which proves you are in the process of exchanging your licence.

Traffico Malaga costs 29 euros.

will let you know how long it takes when we pick up new licence




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Thread: UK DL to Spanish


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