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05 Feb 2016 11:46:

"The truth is that if the UK exits the EU all existing treaty arrangements will cease and new ones will be required to be negotiated."

Frozen State Pension

Pay for private health care (prescriptions etc) - added cost for pre-existing conditions 

Possible double taxation if that treaty goes.

Time to burn my passport and head for Calais via any immigrant friendly route.

Thread: BREXIT

25 Feb 2015 10:32:

Our new Admin has just informed us that they will not accept cash as payment of fees before the upcoming AGM.

So to clear debts before the AGM, payments have to be made into the Community bank account - resulting in bank charges for what may only be a small sum of money.

Can they do this?

Thread: Payment of Fees to vote at AGM

19 May 2012 14:53:

Our community would like to drop the coefficient voting system and adopt one vote per owner.

Is this possible and has it been achieved elsewhere?

Thread: Coefficient Voting

28 Apr 2012 13:40:

 I assume Kettleworth were challenged about these invoices!

It would be interesting to know their reason for them, before we sign up with them.

Thread: Recovery of Community Debts

14 Mar 2012 10:25:

 I can confirm all of the communities were debtors at the meeting.

Thread: Debtors Voting at Meetings


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