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01 May 2013 06:48:

Try Gary over in Sucina. Here is his web   http://www.gshi.es/



Thread: Builders - Looking for someone who does extensions in Kitchens in Murcia

20 Apr 2013 14:42:

Try this, its just up the road from you..............http://www.peralejagolf.com/seccion/SERVICES/index.aspx




Thread: Horse riding

17 Aug 2012 19:54:

Hi Mark,

This is the e mail page i received from Jet2.

If you scroll to the bottom it shows destinations available from Newcastle.

Note nothing to Spain....i agree i can still redeem my points on other eligible dates / fares to Murcia but not completely free. I have well over 2000 points but never seem to manage to get an eligible flight when i want to go.

One other tip for everyone... never log in to see if there is a flight available on a certain date then log out if you want to think about it because when you log back in.. lo and behold i guarantee the flight has just shot up in price.

It's these wonderful "cookies" that websites use to track your habits.


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To claim this offer simply log into your account, visit the 'Spend my points' page, and once you've selected your flights enter the promotion code: FREETAX on the payment page. The taxes and charges for any flight where myJet2 points have been spent on the base fare will reduce to zero!

This offer is only available to book on the routes listed below for a limited time, for travel between 1st September - 31st October 2012. This offer has proved popular since it launched a week ago, so don't miss out, book a free flight while you can!








Routes from Newcastle

Great Flight Times, 22kg Bag Allowance, Allocated Seats, Points for FREE flights




Thread: Attention Jet2 points collectors

17 Aug 2012 19:12:


I also got the e mail but when i check the "Eligible routes"  (see below) there is zero for Spain.

The only reason i fly Jet2 is for their link between Newcastle and Murcia there are no other routes that interest me so yes i agree its a good idea from Jet2 but the routes available are probably just their loss makers anyway.

Eligible Routes

Routes from Blackpool
Routes from East Midlands
Routes from Edinburgh
Routes from Glasgow
Routes from Leeds Bradford
Routes from Manchester
Routes from Newcastle



Thread: Attention Jet2 points collectors

16 Jul 2011 21:45:


Your posts are obviously a wind up but i am going to go with the flow as i find them very entertaining .................(you are not Norman Sands by nom de plume by any chance are you ?).

So, you come to Spain with no where to live, no job, a disabled husband, a grandchild still at school, no "benefits" to be had in Spain from the social that you can claim for, and you are suffering from a disabling condition that may get better in the sun !!! 

So then basically, like you have mentioned before in your posts, you are basically becoming an economic migrant. The same economic migrant that you have ranted about that have destroyed the UK.

What kind of "work" do you think you can possibly do better than a Spaniard, Pole, Ukranian, Morroccan, Tunisian, Libyan, Romanian, or Bulgarian can do ?

How much do you get in "benefits" in UK at the moment ? or is that a touchy question ? Yes, i agree if you are disabled then you have "Entitlements" whatever that means ????? but how much do you think the Spaniard's, Pole's, Ukranian's, Morroccan's, Tunisian's, Libyan's, Romanian's, or Bulgarian's etc......get out here ?

Get real, get a job, and get a life !

I am 61 years of age and still working as hard as ever, I am in Syria working at the moment (and its kicking off big time), before that i was in Libya and that kicked off, before that i was in Egypt and that kicked off,  Yes my bones ache, Yes i feel pain, Yes it is hard getting out of bed in the morning, Yes it  gauls me to see migrants taking all the jobs in UK , Yes i should have saved more when i was younger, Yes i shouldn't have pizzed it up against the wall when i was younger, Yes i should have taken more interest in my education when i was younger,  Yes i should have taken more care of my body - Rugby took its toll but i do not regret one minute of my formative years, and finally, Yes i wish i knew then what i know now ( we all like that one don't we !!!).

But...., i have a home in UK that my wife and i have paid for and is mortgage free, We also have a home in Spain that is also ours and mortgage free. Hard work got me what i have today and this will be my legacy for my children and grandchildren. As long as i can possibly work i will, i realise ill health may become an obstacle as i get older, but until it happens i will NOT become a slave or victim to the insiduous response "I am over fifty- so i am old - i am over the hill - i cannot work any more - i am in pain so i am disabled -i do not like working with younger people - i am too fat to work - i am too ill to work - i have worked long enough now i need state benefits -   i am entitled to this - i am entitled to that - blah blah blah.

I can only repeat, get real, get a job and get a life !


Thread: sick of england


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