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10 Dec 2011 23:06:

I will keep you up to date, joanmalaga.....again big thanks!!  We had an indepentant builder inspect property today and he has confirmed that issues are not with ventilation and are indeed problems with the house,  More good news, on hearing this news Sophie's(my friend) landlord has arranged for a builder to visit property next week to try to remedy problems!  Fingers crossed!!  Thanks again as I think reading these posts has encouraged her to tackle the problems :-)

Thread: Tenants Rights?

09 Dec 2011 22:19:

Big thanks to all that have given constructive advice, hugely appreciated!!  I think we are making progress in persuading her to move! 

joanmalaga, Acer,Jimbofinn your advice was appreciated! Many Thanks!!

But to SMYTHIE , please refrain from commenting on threads unless you are offering genuine advice......your comments were somewhat offensive(To assume that she does not work, and to advise her to return to the UK to take advantage of a struggling economy)!! Shame on you!!!!!

Thread: Tenants Rights?

08 Dec 2011 21:20:

Bleach is being applied on a regular basis, and windows and doors are being left open, and de-humidifier has been used however as soon as any heat applied to the property the mold returns with avengance.  The problems really began after the heavy rains of a few weeks ago, which led to damp patches all over the property(probably due to leaks).

She doesn't choose to live in these conditions, as mentioned in previous post she can not afford to move!  As with a lot of ex pats and Spanish alike she is finding things difficult financially.......these are trying times.

Thread: Tenants Rights?

08 Dec 2011 00:00:

Hi I am hoping that someone can give me some advice.  A friend of mine is renting a property that suffers with severe damp and mold.  She cannot heat the property as this speeds up the mold growth, not ideal to have no heating as we are now into winter!  She cannot afford to move, and her landlord (whilst being helpful in the past) is offering no help now.  She has lived in the property for I think about 5 years. The condition of the house has also led to considerable damage to her belongings.  Does anyone know what legal rights she has?  In an ideal world we would we would love it if she were entitled to some form of compensation which would afford her to be able to move out of the property and find something new.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we think its affecting her health.

Thread: Tenants Rights?

25 Jan 2011 22:57:

 Bless you and big thanks for the info.....poor girl wont need a hairdresser soon as she is pulling her hair out!! I remember my own wedding, I guess its like childbirth... you forget the pain.  Thanks again!!

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